Monday, April 28, 2014

VICTORIES on many fronts

                     GOOD NEWS on Many Fronts
(1) On the Supreme Court Front: It UPHOLDS MICHIGAN BAN
on college affirmative action. Implications? The vote was 6 to 2,
with a liberal Justice Steven Breyer voting to uphold the ban.
Is the tide turning?
(2) On the US District & Appeal Courts' fronts:
   Mr. Ed. Blum's Project on Fair Representation targets
Harvard, UNC- Chapel Hill, and UW-Madison for "unconstitutional
admissions policy." 80-20 is working with Mr. Blum to find
potential AsAm plaintiffs, particularly for the suit against Harvard.
   Look out! There'll be a front page ad in the World Journal nationwide,
urging AsAm students to step up and speak up. 80-20'll them up. Such
law suits will be filed in the federal District and Circuit Courts. We are
no longer on the defense all the time. Nowadays, we take initiatives.
(3) In the Court of Public Opinion:
   (a) Mercury News editorial: "Affirmative action is yesterday's
solution to inequality." Mercury is a liberal paper. Is the dam breaking?
   (b) NY Times seeks 80-20's view AGAIN on college admissions.
PLACE:    "Room for Debate," where S. B. Woo participated last year.
TOPIC:    "Is it time to move to income-based affirmative?"
PARTICIPATING FOR 80-20:    Dr. Haibo Huang, an 80-20 Advisor.
He wrote an eloquent statement. To read it & add your comments,
click here .
   NOTE the "full court press!" - in all courts of the law, in the court
of public opinion, and in the political arenas in D.C. & CA through
the SCA 4 battle. Are you proud of 80-20's vigorous defense
of your rights?
(4) The MOST IMPORTANT front - the SELF-EMPOWERMENT front!
   Thanks to YOU, 80-20 has reached $250,000 in 3 day, meeting
its goal. To verify, click here. One day, when all may abandon
us, we'll STILL have 80-20 that believes in SELF!
   Don't relax. SELF must, EACH day, raise an incredible $1,400/yr for
5 years to make its goal of $1,000,000/yr for 5 years by Oct. 21, 2015.
Note that a lump sum of $1,400 per day amounts to $280/yr for 5 years
ONLY. Please commit to donate FOR 5 YEARS. To donate, click here .
              Why has the debate on admissions shifted
                         so QUICKLY in AsAms' favor?
   When the victims, i.e. the AsAm students, have lawyers who said that
"we like being victims", then they will remain victims. That was the case
when the so call AsAm "civil rights" orgs (CROs) like OCA & AAJC filed
legal briefs SUPPORTING "race-conscious" college admissions time & again.
   Then, 80-20 came onto the scene.
   2.5 years ago, 80-20 did a survey and found that 98.2% of AsAms prefer
"race-neutral" admissions. So 80-20 rose to defend you. We fought in
courts. We fought in the court of public opinion. We fought those
AsAm CROs.We also fought in the political arenas in D.C. and in CA
through SCA 5. That helped make a difference.
   That is, once the victims, i.e. the AsAm students, clearly stated that
"We OBJECT to being the victims", our nation begins to respond.
Things change.
   NOTE: AsAm CROs like Asian Am. Justice Center (AAJC), Organization of
Chinese Americans (OCA), Asian Am. Legal Defense & Education Fund
(AALDEF) continue to pretend that they represent us, and say "Keep on
beating us, we like it." Sigh!!!!
                                Lessons for All of Us
   [A] Money talks. When we let OTHERS' money support OUR "civil
rights" orgs., our CRO may talk on behalf of OTHERS.
   [B] Politics is important. When we ignore politics, OTHERS will
pretends to speak for us politically, as OCA & AAJC did and still try.
   [C] Must financially support ones’ own political org. Open up
our pocket books.    Otherwise, HISTORY MAY REPEAT!
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm Educational Foundation