Monday, April 14, 2014

A possible lawsuit against Harvard

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   There's light at the end of the tunnel to defeat "race-conscious"
admissions NATIONALLY!
The Fisher legal team in "Fisher v. Univ.
of Texas" is ready to mount a fierce wave of legal attacks against
the use of race as a factor in admissions.
   Has your applications to Harvard, or UNC-Chapel Hill or UW-Madison
been unfairly rejected? If so, then RISE AND ACT! Take action to
force these universities to be fair to you. A great legal team is ready to
fight for you. Please visit one or more of these sites:
   It'll take you at most 1 minute to fill a form to be a potential plaintiff.
It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to read through one of the 3 IDENTICAL
sites. Best yet, if you are selected as one of the plaintiffs, you'll enjoy
(1) Complete confidentiality, unless you end up participating as a
     plaintiff in a legal action against one of these universities;
(2) No cost. The Project of Fair Representation, headed by Edward Blum,
     will cover all expenses; and
(3) No public exposure. Mostly likely you'll not be required to appear
     or testify in court or talk to the media.
   See the FAQ in each site to verify the above 3 points. The lawyers on our
side have greatly refined their approach to win equal opportunity for you.
Step up and be counted. Do a great service for all of us.
   If a students does become a plaintiff, the amount of public exposure is
still somewhat subject to one's own choices. If you want to show the
courage of your conviction, you can be like Ms. Abigail Fisher. See
the photo below.
To know more about Mr. Blum, click here.

Edward Blum, center, with Abigail Fisher, left, before the national media.
   On the homepage of each sites, it asks:
     "Were You Denied Admission to Harvard/UNC/UW?
              It May be You are the wrong Race."
   All sites show youngsters with obvious Asian features. :-) :-)
   80-20 is proud to have played a part in a big team effort that leads to
this innovative project, and perhaps to VICTORY!
   What did 80-20 do?
a) Filing an amicus brief with the Supreme Court on Fisher's side,
b) causing t 5230 he Fisher legal team to note that emphasizing the blatant
     discrimination against AsAm students could be a winner, and
c) helping to defeat SCA 5 in CA quickly, impressing national political
     observers that race preference in admissions may be passé.
   Your comments are most welcome at EF's Posterboard . Don't forget to
donate to 80-20's SELF project, click here . If SELF fails, 80-20 will likely
close shop after the 2016 election.
   Who will fight for you as fearlessly & effectively then?
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.
PS: Note simultaneous NATIONAL media on this possible legal challenge:
A Chronicle article by Richard Kahlenberg on Good News for Low-Income Students.
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