Thursday, April 17, 2014

Great news for us; Sad news from 80-20

                       GREAT News for Us !
   NATIONALLY, our effort to defeat race preference in college
admissions is gathering momentum. New Initiative? 80-20 is helping to
recruit plaintiffs - students unfairly reject by Harvard, UNC-Chapel Hill
and UW-Madison - to possibly sue these universities for their race
preference in admissions.
   The rights of AsAm children are being vigorously defended.
   In CALIFORNIA, 80-20 helped defeat SCA 5* in short orders.
It's a political shocker that led to attentions on 80-20. S. B. Woo
received requests for interview or to speak as a panelist from:
      Economist,  LA times,  National Review,  The Nation,
      Nat'l Writer's Assoc. (reporters who cover education),
      FOX TV,   Channel 26 of SF,    S. CA Public Radio,
      Singtao Radio,  SOH Radio  San Francisco Chronicle,
      Mercury News,  Sacramento Bees,   Singtao Daily,
      California Magazine,  Pasadena Star-News and …, etc.
Our voice is being heard in CA and nationally.
   SUMMARY: We are EMPOWERING ourselves! Stopping SCA 5, or
even stopping race preference in admissions nationwide, is not in itself
that significant. In my mind, the following is significant!
    The awakening of AsAms to rise and defend ourselves; our
    proven ability to hold AsAm elected officials accountable; &
    our new ability to induce AsAm "civil rights orgs - financially
    supported mostly by non-AsAms - to be accountable to our
    rightful interests ARE SIGNIFICANT! For example, OCA has
    recently switched from its decades long SUPPORT of "race-
    conscious" admissions to ANTI-SCA 5.

               Sad News From 80-20 - too poor to last !
   The annual budget of AIPAC, the fabled Jewish-Am political org., is
$17 million.
   80-20, by far the largest AsAm political organ., is an all volunteer plus
one staff org., with an annual budget of $100,000. It is 1/1700 that of AIPAC.
   Is e82 it because our community is poor? NO. Is it because our population
is smaller? NO. We are 2.65 that of the Jewish population.
            SELF: Self Empowerment Long-term Fund
   SELF aims to raise, within 2 years, at least $1 million/yr. for 5 years.
Why? To help make 80-20 a lasting professional organization! I'll explain:
   My title may be the president. In reality, I am also the janitor - I do
whatever things that are left undone. :-) I am 76 year old having served 80-
20 for 15 years, & donated about $100K to 80-20 (Note: there are
Board Members who have given more!) I have begged at least 10 AsAms,
since 2001, to be 80-20's president. NO TAKERS! I'm fading & WILL retire
at the end of 2016 presidential campaign to avoid damaging YOU and 80-20.
Who will take over and do our community justice? As you know, politics
need to be learned like everything else. I need 2 years to recruit, train a
good staff and pass on my political experience, knowledge & lessons learned
from my mistakes. A reasonably financially secure foundation for 80-20 is
necessary to recruit good people. That is why we must have $1 million/yr
for FIVE years.
   For SELF to succeed, it must raise $250,000/yr for 5 year every 6 months!
The first 6 months ends in 3 day! SELF is $14,027/year for 5 years SHORT.
   If we can't even meet the goal at the first time-mark, what is the chance that
it'll meet the target later? YOU be the judge!
   If you think 80-20 is worth saving, PLEASE DONATE, click on
   If 140 AsAm families will generously commit to donating $100/yr for 5
years soon, we'll catch up. If 14 families will each donate $1,000/yr for 5
years, we'll catch up . If you donate $100 as a lump sum we'll need 750 such
families to reach the same goal, since a donation of $100 as a lump sum is
ONLY the equivalent of $20/yr for 5 years. :-(
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.

*SCA 5 stands for Senate CA Constitutional Amendment 5. It aimed to turn
back the clock and reinstate race preference in college admissions in CA.

Latest News: 80-20 supports Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA)'s endorsement of Catherine Baker in CA District 16. Note: 80-20 normally doesn't endorse non-federal and non-state-wide candidates.