Wednesday, July 17, 2013

QUESTIONS for Tom Hayashi of OCA

   80-20 deeply respects OCA's earlier service to the Chinese Am. community. However, owing to a recent OCA stand in college admissions that is contrary to the rightful interests of the Asian Am community, our community begins to QUESTION OCA'S INTEGRITY.

   Tom Hayashi, OCA's Exc. Director, CLAIMED in the first paragraph of his bio that OCA is
      " a premiere pan-Asian membership driven civil rights organization with a national network of 80 chapters & affiliates . . "

   We like to believe that the above are facts, not fabrications. Hence, we faxed and emailed the following QUESTIONS to Tom Hayashi, to get answers.

Question (1) Given that OCA is a membership-driven org., why isn't an OCA National MEMBERSHIP LIST shown anywhere to the public?
Has anyone EVER seen an OCA national membership list in recent year? (See 80-20's membership list here .)

Question (2) Given that Mr. Hayashi claimed having Delaware as one of OCA's 80 (50?) chapters (see his claim here ), we wonder if one single member, namely me, becomes an OCA chapter? Who are OCA's OTHER 2013 dues- paying members in Delaware? (In comparison, 80-20 requires 25 persons paying both national & chapters dues to become a chapter. Click here .)

Question (3) Since OCA embraces "the hopes and aspirations of AsAms," will you DO A POLL of your own on AsAm's view on "race-conscious" college admissions?

(80-20's survey showed that 98% of AsAms prefer race-neutral college admissions. Are you afraid, some people think, that the result of your own poll will limit your ability to follow other organizations with contrary preferences?)

   80-20's questions are NOT intended to embarrass Mr. Hayashi. If the claims are wrong, just say so. 80-20 & I have made honest &/or real mistakes before. But we owe up to it -- honesty with our own community is a MUST!

   80-20 just wants to make sure that we are dealing with HONORABLE people. If so, we like to think we can resolve our differences in college admissions in the best interests of our community.

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation
Also the National President of OCA in 1991