Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Ugly Truth about AsAm Inequality (Part 6)

Part I: 80-20 will meet with DOL's Director of Enforcement, Pat Shiu.
When & where? Jan. 11 (Monday); DOL, Washington, D.C.
Purpose? To show how we still face discrimination in workplaces and
urge DOL to implement what Pres. Obama has promised us: "to
focus on enforcing Exec. Order 11246 on behalf of AsAms."
Impact? 2 million AsAms directly; 4 million through family connections,
and 15 million directly and indirectly -- a rising tide raises all ships.
Who'll attend for 80-20? Prof. Chenming Hu & S. B. Woo, both flying
into D.C. at their own expenses.

Part II: Presented evidence that AsAms are discriminated in workplaces.
It'll take us 75 years or 3 more generations to reach EQUAL odds to
rise to the managerial level, if things are left at its current pace.

Part III: Presented irrefutable proofs that 80-20's evidence is VALID!.
The Chief Statistician of EEOC verified 80-20's data, methodology &
calculated numbers. After a year's study, EEOC on its own, reported
"discrimination against AAPI employees" in the federal government.

Part IV: Debunking 2 popular myths perhaps designed to confuse us
and keep us down.

Myth 1: AsAms don't have business degrees, only science &
engineering degrees. Therefore, not many managers!
Truth: We are our nation's number 1 in % of people with MBAs.

Myth 2: AsAms are already 2nd only to Caucasians in individual
income. What more do they want?
Truth: We want JUSTICE -- equal pay for equal work, & equal opportunity,
which are America's core values. The truth is that if AsAm are paid
the national average for our educational attainment, our individual
income would be 15% higher than Caucasians instead of lower. Does
America believe in its own core value any more?

Part V: Debunking 3 more popular myths against us.

Myth 3: AsAms simply don't have the "makeup" to make managers.
Truth: Identical charges were made against blacks, women & Hispanics
decades earlier. No one believes in such non-sense any more.

Myth 4: AsAms, with so many new immigrants, just don't have the
average seniority to have equal % of managers.
Truth: We have significantly more seniority than Hispanics. Yet Hispanics' %
of managers is at least 50% higher. Why? Hispanics have the political clout
with the federal government to get EO 11246 enforced for them.

Myth 5: AsAms certainly don't face as much "latent prejudice"
as blacks. How come blacks have a large % of managers?
Truth: Blacks may face more latent prejudice in many streets. However,
AsAms face more blatant dicrimination in private industries and universities.
It is because black 6e9 s have the political clout with the federal government to
get EO 11246 enforced for them.


[A] AsAm's lack of GROUP political clout is the main reason for
the discrimination against us in getting the good jobs.

[B] We must Act to strengthen OUR OWN GROUP political clout!
Actions may include but not limited to,

(1) SAVE & FORWARD to your AsAm friends this 6-part series on
"Ugly Truth."
(2) Donate! Make your check payable to "80-20 Educational Foundation," &
send it to 80-20 ; P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229. For using a credit
card, go .
Even $5 will show your commitment!
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PLEASE do your part! "God helps those who help themselves."


Thousands of AsAms who toiled for
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