Friday, October 19, 2007

What Is Expected Of Asian Am. Elected Officials

Help the right Asian Am. elected officials (AAEOs), all AsAms may
Help the wrong ones, all AsAms shall get hurt.

When a wrong AAEO gets support from our community, other AAEO
may imitate him/her. "Bad money drives away good money!"

What is expected of an AAEO? That is what our community needs to
discuss and reach a consensus in order to achieve the kind of political
cohesion necessary to win our basic rights like equal opportunity at work
and to be appointed federal judges. Here is my personal view.

What America Expects Of Its Elected Officials

Elected officials are expected to primarily serve those who live in their
respective election districts. Hence AsAms living outside of an AAEO's
district should NOT expect help from him/her. The life of any AAEO is
tough enough. Don't make their lives even tougher. Let them focus on
doing a good job for constituents in their own political district which still
indirectly serves our long term interests.

Two Big Exceptions!

I) Those AAEOs who have raised campaign funds primarily from AsAms
living within and without their election districts while emphasizing their
Asian ethnic origin, have the obligation to share the concerns of all
II) Those AAEOs who endorsed presidential candidates by becoming
members of "Asian Ams for XXX" therefore playing up their ethnic
connection have the obligation to persuade the endorsed presidential
candidate to promote the rightful aspirations of AsAms.

Asian Americas Deserve these Basic Rights

AsAms deserve

1) to enjoy equal opportunity in workplaces by the enforcement of Exec.
Order 11246 that is enforced for all Ams. except us, and
2) to have many more AsAm Federal judges -- currently only 0.6 % while
the % of our population and lawyers is about 4.5%.

80-20 has asked all presidential candidates to give us those to promises.

AAEOs who fulfill their obligations are the right ones! Support them.
We will soon publicize a list of such Vmodel AAEOs.

Your views and comments are most welcome via

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation

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