Friday, August 31, 2007

A New Asian Am. Scandal?

80-20 EF's "Don't Be Made A Sucker" was only 6 days old, when
another Asian Am. who raised funds for Sen. Clinton is clobbered in the
media and will probably end up in jail. His name is Norman Hsu. By now,
you have likely heard of him.

What can be learned form this and other similar campaign finance
scandals that have occurred too frequently in OUR community?

I like to suggest 3 DOs.

1) Respect the rules of democracy,
2) Realize that in Asia, people like us live as a part of the majority.
Therefore, politics can be a hobby and is often used for personal gains.
In the US, we live as a small minority, with much prejudice against us.
Therefore, politics is a must because we need GROUP political clout
to defend ourselves.
3) To achieve the above, we must give time and money to political orgs
such as the 80-20 PAC. That is how Jewish Ams and Cuban Ams won
their equal opportunity and justice.

To help get the above points across, here are 3 DO- NOTs.

1) Don't ever go against the laws governing politics/elections in America,
2) Don't be seduced by the sweet talks of politicians. Examine their record
of service to us before helping them,
3) Don't believe that politicians will do things for us unless we have
the clout to reward or punish their political careers.

How are Norman Hsu's political friends treating him now? Just read these

"A Fundraiser Shunned" - The Washington Post, 8/30/07
"Democrats Turn From Hsu" - The Los Angeles Times, 8/30/07
"Democrats Abandon Fundraiser ?? " - San Francisco Chronicle, 8/30/07

All this after Norman Hsu has given/raised so much money for Sen. Clinton
and other Democratic candidates. Now you know why 80-20 PAC sent
questionnaires to presidential candidates and asked for signed written answers
in Yes or No.

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Support 80-20! We work for you free. Some of us have even promised not to
run for offices and NEVER to accept a government appointment.

Best regards,

S. B. Woo
80-20 Educational Foundation