Monday, October 22, 2007

Los Angeles Times Article & Cong. Honda's Retort

Another fitting title for this newsletter is " Obligation of Asian Am.
Fundraisers (Bundlers) ."

On 10/19, LA Times published an article on Sen. Clinton's fundraising
entitled "An unlikely treasure-trove of donors for Clinton." For details, visit,1,7444827.story

It has some good points. For example. could Sen. Clinton be taking
advantage of the political naivety of new Asian immigrants? That is a
point that 80-20 EF has raised before. Remember our email " Don't Be
Suckers" and names like Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, Maria Hsia, Robert
Lee and Yogesh Gandhi?

Congressman Mike Honda's retort to that article also has good points.
"Could our media be too suspicious about political donations from Asian
Ams?" The media certainly erred in 1997. When John Huang and a few
others raised money illegally for Pres. Clinton and DNC, the media made it
seem like an Asian Am. cabal aimed to undermine our Federal government.
Hard to believe!

However, neither has raised the REALLY IMPORTANT POINT:
What have we gotten back for our political donations?
Among ethnic groups, Asian Ams' political donation is second only
to Jewish Americans. Shockingly, Asian Ams. don't even enjoy equal
opportunity in workplaces yet -- a right enjoyed by all other Americans.
For evidence, visit

which is a full page ad in Washington Post & carefully documented.

For a brighter future, we must

(1) ask for accountability from our fundraisers (bundlers). The
fundraisers are there when pictures are taken and their personal needs
taken care of by the politicians. They need to be there be there to ask
the politicians to promise to work for Asian Ams' equal opportunity &
in turn hold the politician accountable!
If they deliver, we must thank
them for their leadership. Otherwise, such fundraisers are using hard
earned money from the little people to buy their personal glory. We
need to reject them!

(2) also ask for accountability from those Asian Am politicians
who have raised money from us playing up their Asian roots and/or
endorsed presidential candidates in our name. If they deliver concrete
benefits to our community &/or solid promises from presidential
candidates to us, thank them & continue to support them. Otherwise,
hold them accountable & stop supporting them!

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S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.