Thursday, August 9, 2007

Political Secrets V: How to become strong politically

Cuban Ams (only 1.2 million in population) & Jewish Ams. (6 million)
have big political clout and enjoy equal opportunity in America. Cuban
Ams. have 2 US senators, 4 representatives and one cabinet member.
The number of Jewish Am political leaders? I have lost count. :-)
How come Asian Ams. don't enjoy equal opportunity yet, although we
are 13 million in number?

If the emerging anti-China political undercurrent alarms you in that its
aftermath may hurt Chinese/Asian Ams for decades to come, then
internalize the following two "MUSTS" to make ourselves politically much

(1) Politically, make very different choices while living in American

In Asia, we are members of the majority. A member of the majority
can take or leave politics, since the society is not prejudiced against us.

In USA, we are members of a very small minority composed mostly of
new immigrants
. There is a lot of prejudice against "Asians" &
"immigrants" in America. Hence, every Asian Am. MUST participate in
politics to build up our GROUP political clout. At the very least, you must

1) register to vote, and vote in all important elections,
2) give at least 0.1% of your gross income to Asian Am.
political organizations that truly fight for you, and
3) practice bloc votes to enhance our GROUP political clout.

(2) ONLY support politicians who help us achieve equality

Mainstream politicians have always known our folly to do just the
opposite. That is, we support "apparent winners" rather than those who
have performed services for us. Therefore they never bothered to do
anything to help us. When they wanted our money, they would sweet-talk
us into believing that they would be the likely winners.
Even Asian Am politicians are now exploiting our folly. They know that
the key to raising money from us is NOT their records of services to us. It
is whether they are likely winners in the next election, or whether they
have a high rank, or whether they will be holding the highest office in one
meaningless sub-classification or another. We need to demand service
from all politicians.

Please remember the above two lessons by heart, and we'll be much
stronger politically. Pass this message.

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Best regards,
S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational foundation

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