Monday, April 20, 2020

Triple threats to our welfare. Unite!

YOU can make a big difference in our community
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The Triple Threat

The 1st Threat: When the White House's "National Security Strategy" (12/2017) and the DoD's "National Defense Strategy" (2/2018) were published, announcing America's return to BIG power politics and naming China as our top strategic competitor, and when both documents accuse China of doing bad things - the fate of Chinese Americans (ChAms) and AsAms was sealed - expect collateral damage in careers, dignity and personal safety.  

     Why? Because most people mix China and Chinese as one, and they can't tell the difference between Chinese, ChAms and AsAms.

The 2nd Threat - COVID-19:  20+ million workers lost their jobs.  The daily deaths rate is 2000+.  Dirty politicians tried to assign blame to China for the terrible consequences that we are bearing.   

Remember that Vincent Chin was killed by 2 unemployed auto workers? Xenophobia will come alive on the streets, when the "stay at home" orders are lifted, when a lot of people are back on the street.  

The 3rd Threat - Dirty Politicians:  NY Times reported yesterday
"A Key G.O.P. Strategy: Blame China."  Do people draw a clear line between China/Chinese/Ch-Ams/or AsAms?  You think about it.

                                             UNITY will be our Savior
     Effective politics for a minority to protect itself In the U.S. depends almost exclusively on power. If we unite, then we'll have more money, votes, voices and leadership, which add up to POWER.

                                          UNITY is very hard to achieve.

     We all love unity.  However, have YOU PERSONALLY ever pressed the leaders of your organization(s) to work together with other AsAm orgs. or at least form a loose or temporary coalition?  Why didn't you, although YOU know it is good for you and your children. 

      I know why.  I've been plugging for unity for decades, without success.  To unite, YOU, your leaders and followers must SACRIFICE ego, money, organizational assets in email addresses, ..., etc. & YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

     Are YOU willing to sacrifice in order to achieve UNITY now?  Will YOU send an email or make a phone call to leaders of your org(s), urging them to work together with other orgs. of our community, at least during this threatening time?  

                                              A Solemn 80-20 Pledge  
    80-20 EF and SuperPAC solemnly pledge that we'll work as a cementing component of any reasonably agreed upon coalition or temporary coalition.  
We'll not look for leadership.  We'll share our huge email list and significant endowment for the protection of our community's rights, dignity and other welfare.

    Post your views here.      Donate.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)
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