Monday, September 23, 2019

YOU helped reject FBI Dir. Wray's "whole-of-society approach"

YOU helped in rejecting Wray's "whole-of-society approach"

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[A]  Evidence of the total rejection of FBI Dir. Wray's totalita-rian "whole-of-society approach," to catch Chinese Spies
1) Rejection by the Academic World:

    a) Since Feb 21, 2019, elite colleges, one after another, including UC, Berkeley, Stanford, MIT and Yale joined the movement to send out campus-wide communication stating that they rejected the idea of being enlisted by the FBI to actively assist the FBI to catch Chinese spies on their own campuses.

    b) On August 12, 2019, a group of 22 organizations, including the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAU), and American Association of University Professors (AAUP) published a powerful statement, entitled "Statement in response to report the FBI is urging universities to Monitor Chinese students and Scholars."  It stated: "calls to monitor individuals solely based on their country of origin violate norms of due process and should raise alarms in a democracy. "

2) Rejection by the Scientific World:

    a)  On July 4, 2019 , a letter from The Committee of Concerned Scientists to Pres. Trump stated "Today CCS is writing to express its concern about the profiling of ethnic Chinese scientists by the U.S. government, which includes American citizens and U.S. permanent residents."

b) In a September 4 letter, 60 science groups, including AAAS, which is the world's largest non-governmental science organization, called on DOD, NSF, NIH, DOE and OSTP for an end to Washington's crackdown on foreign-born researchers.

3) Rejection by the Industrial Biomedical Research and Drug Development 

     On August 21, 2019, a group of 150 pharmaceutical chiefs & scientists in the U.S. published a letter titled "Chinese scientists and US leadership in the life sciences."  It warned that recent actions by government agencies and universities with respect to Chinese scientists in the U.S. could threaten U.S. leadership in biomedical science.

[B] Evidence of YOUR hand in achieving this total rejection 

1) YOU supported 80-20 EF's "Call To Action" [click ( 1), (2), & (3)] and got the presidents of most of the best US universities to be aware that YOU strongly oppose the "whole-of-society approach" advocated by FBI Dir. Wray, which violates YOUR rights. YOUR support of EF's "Call" led to the rejections seen in [A] 1).
 2) YOU forwarded EF President S. B.  Woo's letter to FBI Director Wray  of 

06/24/2019 to YOUR colleagues and friends.  In that tough letter, Woo described Wray as "using the Chinese totalitarian  methodology to deal with an American challenge."  He also pointed out that Wray's "whole-of-society approach" has predictably

(i) sent gifts - our top scientists - to China,
(ii) helped China stop its brain drain, and
(iii) begun to destroy the only reliable domestic source of science talents in our high schools. Note that US delegates to International Olympiads of Chemistry, Physics and Math in the last 5 yrs, are at least 80% Chinese-Ams. If Wray's profiling of all scientists of Chinese origin doesn't stop, these young science talents will leave science for sure.

     Those deep concerns were later reflected in the rejection of Wray's methodology seen in [A] 2) and 3).

[C] TOGETHER, we shall overcome! 

      80-20 EF was the first and only org. to directly confront FBI Dir. Wray's "whole-of-society approach" to profile us. We sent many e-newsletters pointing to its many severe central & peripheral damages. YOU helped spread EF's message to every stratum of our nation. The great organizations, shown in section [A], responded to our concerns. Result? The total rejection of "whole of society approach" advocated by FBI Dir. Wray against us.

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S. B. Woo, getting much stronger since my open heart surgery of 3 weeks ago, 
                   thanks to your prayers and best wishes.

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

Acknowledgement:Wai Cheng, Cambridge, MA who donated $1,000/yr. for 5 yrs. 
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