Monday, September 16, 2019


For those of us who look different from the average white Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) there is always the fear in America that one day we might lose that job, or not get the promotion, or not be chosen as a leader. Even so, we work hard, obey all the rules, and take care of our families. The end result is that Asian Americans as a group have the lowest chance among all Americans ( of reaching managerial and leadership positions in industry, in government, and in academia, despite the fact that Asian Americans earn more and are better educated than the average American. Racism has long been an endemic problem in the United States. It eats away at the core of what America stands for and prevents the development of the full potential of of the full potential of all its citizens.

That is why 80-20 Educational Foundation has worked hard to make sure that
Asian Americans are NOT selected as a group for "society wide surveillance" by the FBI. 80-20 made sure that the crackdown on Asian American scientists received broad journalistic coverage and that innocent scientists who are in the majority are not caught in the same web as those few who steal trade secrets and participate in espionage. You, who read this newsletter, have also responded to our call. Many faculty members at our prestigious universities have asked their university's administration to re-affirm their long-standing values: i.e. supporting work force diversity and open-exchange of information that is beneficial to all mankind. This initial groundwork by 80-20 has led to the mainstream professional organizations like the AAAS, ACS, ASM, AGU and many others to have organized and come out publicly to defend their ethnically Chinese faculty and student members.

To learn more of what is happening read this South China Morning Post article that came out on 9/11:  ....

We are not powerless. We live in a democracy. Our voices need to be heard. Our concerns are valid. Not only do we want our government leaders to advocate for us, we want this country to use our talents fully and allow us to contribute to the success of our country. That is why it is important that we participate in this democratic society beyond our professions and our families. Donate to those institutions that advocate for you and most of all DO cast your valuable VOTE in the coming elections.

Message from:
Alice S. Huang, Vice President of 80-20 EF 
Volunteer for 10 years

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