Monday, July 8, 2019

Why were these dire warnings ignored?

Make Good Use of our Financial Strength

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                                                         The Ideal Situation
  • 80-20 has the responsibility to warn you early about approaching political danger.  See the 8 explicit dire warnings issued by EF in the last 17 months, shown below.
  • YOU need to hear the warnings & respond immediately to deter the oppressors from treading on us, and strengthen our defense.
  •  How to respond cost-effectively?  Money talks.  If half of the estimated  100,000 AsAms, who have read EF's warnings, would each have sent in  $100, EF's war chest would have been boosted by $5 millionduring those  few months. Politicians would have been impressed to no end; ceased their  aggressive policy against us & perhaps seek to befriend us.    
  •  Result:  Problem solved.  It's that simple.  You wouldn't have to worry about being an innocent victim any more.  80-20's war chest would be $5 million*larger, which would indeed indirectly protect you further. America becomes a more perfect union.  It's a win-win-win.
*Note (1) EF Board Members don't benefit from a large war chest.  You do; and
          (2) Endowment for the Jewish AIPAC org. is $140 million; its annual 
               expenditure is $60 million.  So EF has a long way to go to catch up.
                                               The Real Situation

       The real world situation is disappointing at first.  However, 80-20 deeply believes that its supporters are highly educated, very smart and learn quickly.  That is why EF is reviewing the past, detailed below, with you.

                        8 WARNINGS in 17 Months, sent to you by EF

 1) EF's Feb 28, 2018 e-newsletter to you:  

Tough Time Ahead - Let's Forge UNITY  ... The AsAm community, particularly
the Ch-Am community, may be facing tough times in the coming months and 
years.  Let's forge unity....

2)  EF's March13, 2018 e-newsletter to you:

Read it so that you'll know how tough things are these days.  The extra-legal pressure is intentional.  The only way the pressure will let up is if we mount effective counter pressure. ....

3)  EF's March 19, 2018 e-newsletter to you, entitled "Big changes that may hurt  

              Alarmed By Director Wray's statement?  Watch out.  
     There'll be more such statement/actions to come that may hurt you.  

        Nat'l Security Strategy of 2018, issued by Pres. Trump and 
                    Nat'l Defense Strategy, issued by Gen. Mattis

4) EF's March 26, 2018 email to you:  [YOU be the judge. Is our warning explicit?]

  EF Forewarned You about the Coming Big/Bad Changes
When EF found out that many of you didn't get the subtle warnings, we sent out the following explicit warning: March 19, BIG changes that may hurt us. " 

 5) EF's July 30, 2018 e-newsletter to you:  [After EF single-handedly defeated an
   unconstitutional law, passed by the House.]
Mission accomplished THIS time. Will EF be as successful the next time?  My guess is "NO!" unless each of us will do our share to forge unity within the AsAm community, before it is too late.  Things will likely get tougher.  

 6) EF's Aug. 13, 2018 e-newsletter to you: 

According to Politico, President Trump called "almost every student"
from China a spy. ....  Mark our words: thing will get worse

 7) EF's Dec. 24, 2018 e-newsletter to you: 
        TIMIDITY: Our shame & perhaps our downfall.  .....
My aim is to get you to begin asserting your leadership in the service of our community at a tough time.

8) EF's May 6, 2019 e-newsletter to you, entitled CALL TO ACTION - protecting innocent Ch-Am scientists:

Respond to this Call To Action to lessen your chance      of being a victim!

    [UC, Berkeley, Stanford, U of MI and UC, Davis were the four which started 
the campus wide communication to protect scientists of Chinese origin.  Since then,8 other universities have joined.  They are U DE, Princeton, Rice, Yale, U MD, Case Western Reserve, Columbia, and MIT. We need more.]

    We learn from our mistakes and move on to be smarter and stronger.  Beware: we are a very small minority; we can't afford too many mistakes.   
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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

Worthy News:  An open letter to Trump and US Congress by 100 China experts: China is not an enemy.  It was published in Washington Post on 7/3/2019.
To know more about 80-20, view these videos :  (Ignore the last 35 secs. The election is over.)