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Forward. A telling picture!

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

APS News, July 2019

Featuring the U.S. team preparing for the International Physics Olympiad.
   Featuring the U.S. team preparing for the International Physics Olympiad

The Above Picture Should Cause

a) FBI Director Wray to reflect:  "Hmmm!  All these Asian American faces.        I bet at least 50% are Chinese American(ChAm) faces.  Will my totalitarian 
     "whole-of-society effort" to catch Chinese spies, which certainly violate the civil 
     rights of innocent ChAm scientists, eventually drive these students out of Physics
     or even out of the USA?  Who will replace them?  Will I be causing deep 
     damage to the long-term  interest of US science?  I want to protect our national
     secrets, but I MUST not violate the rights of innocent scientists of Chinese origin. 
     I need to re-examine my "whole-of-society effort" advocacy."

b) many of us in the STEM field to reflect*"Why am I  so timid?  I am 
      a tenured & Chaired professor.  Yet when my Dean told me not to go to China
      anymore, and to get out of a first-rate international collaborative science program 
      in China, I meekly agreed.  I've studiously abided by the rules of the Univ. and the
      granting agencies, and yet I submit to such outrageous extra-legal verbal 
      instructions from an administrator like an errand boy."  

      "I am a selfish coward.  I shouldn't set such shameful precedent for these 
       young students who will be future scientists.  I wasn't thinking about the long-
       term interest of US science.  I was only thinking about pleasing the Dean. 
       While my Dean was only thinking about the number of dollars received from the 
       funding agencies instead of what's best for science.  What is the use of being a 
       chaired professor, if I behave like an errand boy.   I must do better from here on. 
       Otherwise, I'll hate the face I see in the mirror each morning."

*  The above is the composite of two true events.  I believe hundreds of similar
    events occurred on campuses all over the U.S.  Rise, professors.  See how EF 
    responds to grave events with courage and integrity.  Has anything happened to 
    me and/or my colleagues on the Board who have been the "point persons" for the 
    AsAm community for decades?  Step up to be counted!  Together we can do 
    even better in helping our nation to be a "more perfect union."  

c) many administrators of universities to reflect: "Why am I 
     betraying my academic principles and letting grant dollars and politics lead me 
     by the nose, since becoming an administrator?  I used to be a strong believer in
     free and open exchange of science for its advancement!  I used to be against race
     profiling.  What FBI Director Wray is advocating is nothing less than urging the            entire US society to race profile scientists of Chinese origin.  Yes, I am shamefully
     implementing that policy.   I need to re-set my moral compass this moment."
    "In addition, some of these ChAm professors, backed by an organization like
     this 80-20 Educational Foundation, may one day decide to sue me for my 
     extra-legal instruction to them to stop their collaboratory activities in China.  
     need to be more judicious and law-abiding."

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)


    CIT  (Calif. Insititute of Technology)  
and Washington U. 
just joined a list 12 other universities to send out 
a campus-wide communication to stress the importance of protecting innocent international scientists from political pressure generated by people like FBI  Director Wray.  We thank Alice Huang, EF Vice President & former 
President of AAAS, for approaching CIT !

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