Monday, May 13, 2019

Pres/Provost Issued NEW campus-wide Notice

U. of DE's Faculty & Administration Working Together!

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    U. of DE Pres. & Provost Issued A Campus-wide Notice, Responding positively to A Request by its own Faculty

    Agreeing with the wisdom in the statements issued by the leaders of UC BerkeleyStanfordU. of MI, and UC DavisPres. Dennis Assanis and Provost Robin Morgan of the Univ. of Delaware issued a similar campus-wide communication 3 days ago, shown below.  To read the complete statement, click here.  Among other words, they stated,
 "... Unfortunately, members of our nation's international community sometimes may feel vulnerable or unwelcome, caught in the political crossfire among nations. Recently, concerns have been voiced at UD and other institutions regarding rhetoric and actions targeting certain international community members, such as Chinese or Chinese-American scholars. What's more, faculty and students here and elsewhere have been subject to prejudicial comments, unwarranted scrutiny or professional strictures based on their race, ethnicity or national origin. Therefore, it is essential that we at the University of Delaware reaffirm our unwavering support for our international students, faculty, staff and visitors, as well as the vital partnerships and initiatives that enable their work. ...."

   A statement like this reaffirms, & calms its worried innocent scientists.  It possibly deters not only the centrifugal force tugging at the international scholars at this moment but also increases the competitiveness of the institution for international talents in the future.

                            What Are You Waiting For?  

      Get your own University to Issue a Similar Statement! Do Your Share. Don't Be a Freeloader.

     Here are the steps that gave birth to the significant statement from the U. of DE. YOU can take similar steps.

1)  Professor Xiao-Hai Yan, Mary A. S. Lighthipe Chair Professor of Marine            
     issued by 80-20 EF last Monday.  He thought it would be a wonderful way
     for Ch-Am scientists to protect themselves locally and nationally.  In 
     one day, he got the support of 16 UD Ch-Am professors in alphabetical 
     order,10 of them Chaired professors.
2) 2 days later, they sent an email to the President & the Provost, using the           template provided by EF's "Call-to-action created a BIG MO;a template".
3) President Dennis Assanis & Provost Robin Morgan responded positively to their request & issued a campus-wide communication 3 days later.
      A lesser leadership team might be using excuses like consulting law firms and/or waiting for the next Board of Trustees meeting to move the issue to delay things. Not this UD team!  They understood the pain of innocent scientists caught in the cross-fire of international politics and stepped up decisively to provide relief. 

    We salute the entire Univ. of Delaware community for leadership displayed in the ranks of the faculty and the administrators in this matter.

FROM THE GRAPEVINE:   We heard that As-Am faculty members at Yale, Duke, Cal Tech and many other universities are approaching their respective campus leadership for a similar statement.                           

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