Wednesday, May 22, 2019

80-20 SuperPAC Is Formed

Woo Has an Offensive Political Tool to Serve You Again
    An 80-20 SuperPAC, SPAC, with S. B. Woo as its president and Jing-Li Yu as its Treasurer, has been established.  Other Board Members of the 80-20 SuperPAC are Alice Huang, Henry Lee, Elaine Su, and Wei-jing Zhu.  Stephen Lin serves as a staff to the SPAC.

    Don't mix up the newly formed SPAC with 80-20 Educational Foundation, EF, from which you have received numerous e-newsletters in the past.  While the board memberships are identical, the two are very different legal entities.  What YOU need to know is that, EF SPAC play complementary roles to help make YOU equal citizens ASAP.
     EF is a 501 c-3 organization.   Donations to EF are tax deductible.  However, EF may not endorse or oppose a political candidate.  It is basically a defensive political tool.  EF was instrumental in protecting Ch-Ams who might have participated in any of China's talent and recruitment programs.  It also led to protect Ch-Am organizations accused by the Hoover Institute Report as possibly damaging America's interests.  Indeed, EF is currently leading a campaign to protect innocent Ch-Am STEM workers who are caught in the crossfire of a worsening U.S.-China relationship.

     SPAC may actively endorse or oppose candidates in the Presidential &/or other elections. However, donations to the SPAC are not tax deductible.  SPAC is basically an offensive political tool to be used to ADVANCE AsAm interests.  For example, candidate Obama answered, in writing, "yes" to Woo's request to greatly increase the number of AsAm federal judges, because Obama urgently needed our endorsement and vote. Upon being the president, President Obama increased the number of AsAm federal judges by 300% in his first 6 years.  See below. 

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 SuperPAC

PS: There may still be an 80-20 PAC, whose president is Joel Wang.  It is NOT the same as 80-20 SPAC which is headed by S. B. Woo.  EF & Woo are disappointed by 80-20 PAC's lack of performance.  That is why a SPAC was established.