Monday, December 17, 2018

Will AsAms who've "made it" step up?

A Possible Source of Happiness - Serving others

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I've received a lot of comments about AsAms who've "made it", but are not helping our community back. That prompted this e-newsletter.
                    Let's induce AsAms who've "made it" to step up! 

    Let's EMPOWER our community by inducing those who've "made it" to help our community with gusto.  The Jewish community has that great tradition.  We shall establish such a tradition too.

    To do that, we need to take 3 enlightening steps, with YOUR help.

Step (1):  Change our community's Reward system - stop worshiping 
                personal success & start treasuring service to our community

       Our community over-emphasizes "success".  We worship the politician who holds the highest political office, the richest, the most successful athlete, and the student who graduated Summa Cum Laude from one of the top Ivy League colleges.  Yes, we are happy for such "top achievers".  But don't admire them until they have provided much service to address our collective needs.

Step (2):  Broadcast our expectations to those who've "made it"

       If we don't tell them that we EXPECT them to help more, how are they to know?  They could easily think that our community simply wants them to achieve higher and higher personal success.  

Step (3): Do YOUR share of spreading this message
        We can't expect others to help us more, without helping ourselves more.
So if you like this message, then take time to forward it to others.  

       Dark clouds are hovering above AsAms, especially the Chinese-Am community.   

From what we have seen in the last 2 weeks in the news, our community may face extremely high and unfair suspicion for years to come. If the shadowy suspicion slowly materializes into concrete infringe-ment of our rights, we'll really need the following groups/individuals of "made it folks" to help, including persons like

(1) Secretary Elaine Chao, whose husband is Senate Majority Leader
                    Mitch McConnell; 
(2) former Cabinet Secretaries:  Steve Chu, Gary Locke, Norman Mineta,
                    & Eric Shinseki;
(3) former Governors:  Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, and Gary Locke;
(4) elected AsAm federal and state officials.  When they are raising
                       money from us, they emphasize their AsAm identity. After they are 

                       elected, some treat AsAms like foreigners. :-( Complain against such 
                       officials for neglecting our rightful interests. Then and only then will t
                       hey reform. Don't be afraid to speak up. I know what makes politicians 
                       sit up & take notice. I was one. :-)
(5) tens of federal judges & super lawyers - 80-20 induced Pres. Obama
                      to quadruple the no. of AsAm federal judges in his 8-yr term. These 

                      judges could choose to donate to &/or volunteer for AsAm nonprofits 
                      & get involved with our community in non-political and non-judicial 
                      matters. They can be role models.

                     Our tens of super lawyers are yet to be involved in defending
                     AsAm rights except for Brian Sun and Mike Park.  One'd think 
                     our super lawyers would be less timid.  Unfortunately, most are 
                     just as risk averse.
(6) retired former high-ranking federal & state officials:  John Chiang, CA; 
                     S. B. Woo, DE, David Wu, OR.  They raised millions of $$$ 
                     from our community, when they were running.   Now that they 
                     are retired, it is the ideal time for them to pay back.
(7) Nobel Laureates & academic superstars:  They've already served our 
                      community and nation well.  They can be ideal role models                                for us by volunteering prominently and donating generously
                      to our non-profits and helping the best ones grow.
(8) The thousands of our super rich:  To me people with as asset of $50 
                      million or more is a super rich.  How many such AsAms are 
                      there?  At least 45,000.  They've made it financially, but not 
                      necessarily socially.  So our super-rich could as a group gain
                      greatly from helping our best non-profits to fight for AsAm
                      rights and their children's equal access to Ivy colleges.  But
                      most of our super-rich are also risk-averse If they had each 
                      donated 1% to 3% of their assets to our most effective non-
                      profits 10 yrs ago, AsAms would have gained our equal 
                      citizenship already.  Our super-rich would also have gained 
                      their social respect.

     Let me end by saluting existing role models.  They exist in almost every group -Ivan Fong, Larry Ho, Chenming Hu, Alice Huang, Ted Lieu, Dominic Ng, Norman Mineta, Brian Sun, Chang-Lin TienK. L Wangand Charles Zhang to name a few.

      Of course, 80-20 will always be there for you.

       Forward this e-newsletter to all your AsAm friends. Post your views 
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S B Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)
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