Monday, December 24, 2018

TIMIDITY: Our shame & perhaps our Downfall

We must empower ourselves quickly & sufficiently

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Why are we so timid?

    AsAms are nationally the best educated with the largest % of population having a bachelor's or higher degree.   We have the highest per person & highest per family income. Yet our adults face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces and our children face the tallest barrier in entering elite colleges. To what extent is our timidity the cause of this shameful contrast

      Did our rich folks step up to initiate political or legal actions to challenge 
the perplexing realities?  NO!

      Did our more than 50,000 lawyers, many being graduates of Ivy League law schools, volunteer to fight the injustice against us?  NO!

      Is it because we don't know how to organize to benefit from collective actions?  NO!

      Our lawyers have formed the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, NAPABA, since 1996. It has all the normal activities of a professional org., except for relieving our community's miseries. As lawyers, their inability to see the injustice suffered by their own people amazes our entire community.

     Our rich people have organized the Committee of 100, C-100, since 1990. Its aim is to improve US-China relations, which is noble. When the relationship was smooth, they visited with the leaders of China and Taiwan and posted pictures to C-100's website. When the relationship has soured these days, they seem to hide. The following shows how timid C-100 is.

     Recently, Hoover Institute, H.I., published an article entitled "Chinese Influence & American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance". In its footnote 20, it noted (emphasis added):


"The Chinese embassy also targets prominent Chinese Americans through the Committee of 100, an organization of the most elite 
Chinese Americans in the United States. Committee members report significant pressure from the Chinese consulate on committee
members to toe the Party line. Some prominent Committee members 
are openly sympathetic to the goals of the Chinese Communist Party
One of them is George Koo, who in addition to serving in a senior 
position on the committee is also listed as an 'overseas director' of the China Overseas Friendship Association, based in Beijing."

     7 weeks later,  C-100 still has not responded.  If the pressure from China was true, C-100 must publicly tell our community how it'll guard against such interference.  If it was not true, then H.I. may be guilty of McCarthy era-like intimidation against Chinese Ams.  C-100 ought to take H.I. to task.  80-20 EF will strongly support C-100.

     More importantly, C-100 has not responded to the slander against its own member, Geroge Koo.  George's articles, just like those of many of our other 'China hands,' have supported China's views sometimes.  Is that equivalent to supporting "the goals of the Chinese Communist Party?"  I've never heard such a description used against a non-Chinese-Am commentator before. 

This is an obvious racist attempt by H.I. to intimidate us.  I'll write to demand its retraction of description of Geroge Koo and apology.

     Will C-100 ever shed its timidity to pick up H.I.'s gauntlet?

                     We are NOT accusing C-100 and NAPABA.  
                     We Actually look to them for LEADERSHIP.

       I beg for forgiveness from members of C-100 & NAPABA for giving you the worst interpretation & using sharp words.  My aim is to get you to begin asserting your leadership in the service of our community at a tough time.   We Americans believe in "When the going get tough, the tough gets going."  If you don't think you are timid, then prove it to us in the field.  EF will love to work with you to empower our community together.

      Happy Holidays, Asian Americans.  I am trying to serve you the best I now how.

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S.B Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

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