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Beyond A Doubt - Harvard Discriminates! (1)

Harvard Shames itself!
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Beyond a Doubt - Harvard Discriminates against AsAms!
     Time was, when many AsAms doubted 80-20 EF's assertion that Harvard discriminated against AsAm applicants.  These AsAms pointed to (A) the AsAm applicants' possible weakness in extra-curricular activities, and in the ratings of the high school teachers and counselors.  They also pointed to (B) legacy, athletes, and (C) the importance of diversity to the education of Harvard's students.
    Harvard didn't have to publish its admissions data then. So it could hide behind lies and myths and make suckers out of those establishment-centric AsAms. However, thanks to the lawsuit filed by SFFA, which forced Harvard to show its admission data, Harvard's discrimination against AsAms has been thoroughly exposed.
    (A) Comparing Extra-curricular Activities, Alumni & Teacher Ratings 
     The following diagram was constructed by Duke Economics Professor Arcidiacono after examining 160,000 applicants who applied for admission from 2000 to 2015.  Note that the comparison is between white & AsAm applicants.
    The diagram shows that  AsAm applicants excel in more than academics. They also have higher extracurricular ratings and overall alumni rating (sum of the two alumni ratings) than whites, although slightly lower rating than whites in Teacher Rating 2 and guidance rating.  When compared with blacks & Hispanics, AsAms are stronger in ALL categories, except for Personal Rating.
        (B) When Legacy & Recruited Athletes Are Taken Into Account
    NY Times reports that ""University officials did concede that its 2013 internal review found that if Harvard considered only academic achievement, the Asian-American share of the class would rise to 43 percent  from the actual 19 percent. After accounting for Harvard's preference for recruited athletes and legacy applicants, the proportion of whites went up, while the share of AsAms fell to 31 percent. "  So legacy and recruited athletes are NOT factors that really limit the admissions rate of AsAms to 19%.
                   (C) Harvard's Emhpasis on diversity is a Charade!
   Evidence (i)  As Wesley Yang astutely and sarcastically pointed out in his recent NYT article*: ""Harvard's student body is so varied and so disproportionately rich."  Is diversity in economic background important to the education of Harvard's students, especially when many are so rich?
   Evidence (ii) 
       In Table 3.5 on p 92 of Princeton Prof. Espenshade's famous book, "No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal", the following shocking facts was revealed.  The table uses the SAT score of admitted whites as the standard.  
                       Table 3.5 (emphasis added)
Race Admission Preferences at Public & Private Institutions 
            Measured in ACT & SAT Points, Fall 1997
           Public Institutions          Private Institutions
         ACT-Point Equivalents   SAT-Point Equivalents
         Item               (out of 36)                (out of 1600)
                                       (White)                 --                              --
                                       Black                   3.8                          310
                                       Hispanics            0.3                          130
                                       Asian                  -3.4                        -140   
    For the sake of diversity, 80-20 EF has advocated adding more points to the ACT & SAT scores of blacks and Hispanics -- enough to achieve the critical masses for the student communities of blacks and Hispanics respectively.     

    However, why are 140 SAT pts. taken away from AsAm applicants? It is to give the white applicants an advantage of 140 SAT points so that more whites will get in, and the number of AsAm students will be limited. That is why we say that Harvard's emphasis on diversity is a charade.

   How did Harvard find a way to penalize the AsAm applicants by 140 pts.?   Harvard invented a pseudo-scientific and non-academic rating called "personal rating", shown in the top diagram. The great Gods at Harvard's admissions office, without seeing many of those AsAm applicants divined their personalities from their respective personal essays.  One day Harvard ought to give a graduate science course on its methodology.  

   The above is what Harvards' "whole person" admissions program is all about.  It is actually a "whole race" admission program - placing UNFAIR higher barriers before AsAm applicants. It is as racist as it can be.  History will judge any one assoiciated with the Harvard Corporation during this period very poorly for their "discrimination, games and lies" against AsAm. youth.   Shame on them.

     In our next e-newsletter, "Beyond a Doubt - Harvard Discriminates (2)", we'll use Harvard's own research and words to show you that Harvard is so shamelessly and hypocritically racist.

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S. B. Woo, 
President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
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Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89),

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