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Beyond a Doubt - Harvard discriminates (3)

Did You Live Up To Your Generational Responsibility?

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                SPARKS from within the Harvard Community
                Against Its Discriminatory Admissions Policy

From a Student:    Michelle I GaoCrimson Opinion Writer, published her
           "Its Not Asians Who ËœGame the System4 days ago.   It is such a  
           powerful piece.  The Crimson is Harvard's student paper.
From a Staff member:   Grace, a
           posted at EF's poster board a few days ago.  To read her statement, 
           click here and read item #6.
From a Faculty member:  Jeannie Suk Gersen, Professor at Harvard Law 
            School, wrote a great piece at New Yorker in 2017, speaking 
            against Harvard's admissions policy. To read it, click here.

    Harvard is Harvard, because it has a few great traditions.  For example, it had the ability to pivot the world, by being the first to do the right things. Do you remember Harvard's community campaigns for divestment from apartheid S. Africa (1977 - 89)?  Will Harvard's Faculty, Staff & students be as eager to speak up to stop its own discriminatory admissions policy against Asian American students?  It will be a nobler and stiffer challenge.
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   If you didn't read "Harvard Discriminates (1) and (2)", please click here:
(1) and (2).

  How Your Offspring Are Being Discriminated Against!  For How Long?

    Prof.  Arcidiacono, a Duke University Economics professor found that "an otherwise identical applicant bearing an Asian-American male identity with a 25 percent chance of admission would have a 32 percent chance of admission if he were white, a 77 percent chance of admission if he were Hispanic, and a 95 percent chance of admission if he were black."   See how much worse our children's chances are?   Let's fight for them and win this winnable battle.  

     Don't Be Fooled By Harvard's Charade On Diversity

     Don't let the higher % chance of admissions for the other minorities fool you into believing that Harvard values diversity.  Harvard's only goal is to limit the % of AsAm students on its campus, as was stated openly by a Harvard president  in the 1920s to limit the Jews.

     Harvard is using the 77% and 95 % chance of admission to blind you to the 32% advantage that white applicants enjoy.  There are NOT enough blacks and Hispanic applicants of adequate academic background to keep the AsAms out. However, there is an almost infinite pool of comparably prepared whites to keep the AsAms out, if they are given the 32% to 25% advantage.

      To put it another way, giving 370 and 450 SAT pts to Hispanic & black students doesn't hurt AsAms applicants much. It is the deduction of 140 SAT pts from Asians which in effect gives the white applications a + 140 pt. advantage that denies AsAms the equal opportunity to attend elite colleges.

    You may recall from "Harvard Discriminate (1) and (2)" how that 140 pt. advantage for whites is achieved: Harvard invented a pseudo-science method of "personality rating" which rated the "whole Asian race" worse in personality. Harvard not only kept our youth out unfairly, but it also invented the story that AsAms as a race have bad personalities. This is adding insult to injury.   Are you still willing to tolerate it?
            Why You May Need 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF)

      America operates on a free market system.   Tough competitions exist
everywhere -  selling products, getting elected, and gaining admissions to elite schools and colleges.  

     Some of the methods used to win are subtle.  Others are ruthless.   Yet others are both.  You need an organization like EF to work tirelessly to figure things out for us, and to help protect our rights.  However, EF has very limited human and financial resources, you need to do your part to help.

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