Monday, June 18, 2018

UNITED we STAND (2) - our deficiencies

Why Uniting Is So Difficult For Us?
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    Since UNITY is our Savior, and it will give us the fastest passage to equal citizenship (See United We Stand (1)), 
why haven't we united yet?

     A GREAT question.  The answer is complex.  In a single sentence, it is because WE  have many DEFICIENCIES.  Kindly please give me some leeway and hear me out.

        Why Is Unity So Hard to Achieve within the AsAm community?

a) We Lack the Cultural Background to Work Together in a Democracy:

     American high schools teach Robert's Rules of Order (RROO).  BUT, most of us have never heard of RROO; have never attended a single meeting that applied RROO.  YET, according to Wikipedia, RROO "governs the meetings of a diverse range of organizations-including church groups, county commissions, homeowners associations, nonprofit associations, professional societies, school boards, and trade unions-that have adopted it as their parliamentary authority.  

Q:  Is RROO easy to learn?
      Very easy.  After all it's taught in high schools.  

Q:  How do I get myself trained in RROO?
       Click here to get a 2-page instruction prepared by 80-20 EF.  Spend 20 minutes to learn the basic steps.  Spend the next few days/weeks/months to internalize it.  Then no one can use RROO in a meeting to deprive you of your rights to be an EQUAL participant in a meetings.   

Q:  How to internalize?
       Practice using RROO during your family dinners.  Get your children who are attending high school involved.  Rotate to chair the meetings.  Vote to approve or disapprove of each of the interesting things that president Trump did the last week.  :-)
                                                        Trust RROO

     When RROO is applied, it is impossible for a biased chair to get his/her way against the will of  a majority of the participants.  Chairman's decisions can be appealed and reversed with a simply majority vote.  But you need to know the basic steps.

    AsAms are smart in so many ways.  We need to pick up the basic tools of
democracy and learn them by heart.  We can't blame everything on society's discrimination against us.  We must do our part to learn about democracy..

b) We Lack Political Maturity: 

     Most of us know how to fight against other individuals who step on us, but we don't know how to fight against political establishments which step on us in much subtler ways e.g. glass ceilings and "race preference" admissions.  To be effective, do we need too unite t?

    Most of us don't realize that back in our respective "old countries"  we were in the majority, but here in the US we are not only the minority but also viewed as foreigners.  So do we need to unite to protect ourselves?

    Read NYT's "Harvard rated AsAm Applicants lower on personality traits .." of 6/15. When our nation's top educational institution showed such deep rooted prejudice against Asian Ams, and use hidden & devious means to discriminate against our yooungsters who only wanted to learn from it, it's OUTRAGEOUS!   Harvard's "whole-person"admissions policy is a "whole-RACE" admissions policy to discriminate against AsAms to benefit all others races.  Do we need to unite to protect our children?

     Politics needs to be learned.  Unlike RROO, it can't be learned quickly.  So trust is required.  There is one reasonable rule to apply in trusting a political leader.  His/er record over a long long period of time could be a guideline. Don't be too picky.  The alternative is to suffer continued discrimination as a weak and dis-organized small minority..

     Lookout for UNITED we STAND (3) next week.  It will continue to discuss "Why Is Unity So Hard to Achieve within the AsAm community?"  The
defects we'll discuss there are not about the other AsAms.  Chances are some of them apply to YOU.  :-)

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S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

PS:  We thank Peter W. Chen, Demarest, NJ who, having fulfilled his $3000/yr for 5 yrs pledge, mailed in yet another $5,000 check.  What a role model.

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