Friday, June 15, 2018

EXTRA! Harvard's Sins Exposed

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Filed Motion Against Harvard for Summary Judgment Today      
     The following are from an undisputed authority on this lawsuit:
  • Today's filings-through documents, data, expert analysis, and testimony-expose what many Asian-Americans unfortunately already know: That Harvard penalizes them unfairly because of their race. 
  • Harvard knows this too. Harvard's own Office of Institutional Research conducted an internal investigation concluding that Harvard's admissions process discriminates against Asian Americans. But instead of ending the discrimination-Harvard's leadership killed the investigation and buried the reports. This is a shocking revelation.
  • This pattern continues today. Harvard's President has chosen to deny the facts and to accuse SFFA of "misleading" and presenting "data taken out of context," rather than to grapple with the practical and legal consequences of Harvard's conduct. 
  • Although today's filing is revealing, Harvard continues to hide from the public evidence it finds embarrassing, relying on misplaced claims of privacy and trade secrets. It is Harvard that does not want the full context known. But it will all come out soon and will add to the mountain of evidence proving that Harvard's use of race in admissions is illegal.
  • Harvard intentionally discriminates against Asian-American applicants: "Incontrovertible evidence shows that Harvard's admissions policy has a disproportionately negative effect on Asian Americans vis-a-vis similarly situated, white applicants that cannot be explained on non-discriminatory grounds."
  • Harvard engages in racial balancing: Harvard uses "ethnic stats" and other tools to manipulate the process so that it achieves essentially the same racial balance year over year. If, at the end of the admissions process, Harvard has admitted more (or less) of any racial group than it did the year before (what it deems, in violation of Title VI, to be "too many" or "too few"), then it reshapes the class to remedy the problem.
  • Harvard's use of race is not narrowly tailored to achieve critical mass: "Harvard concedes that it has no interest in achieving critical mass and has never given the concept serious thought. Harvard is adamant that racial preferences are indispensable to its mission-and always will be." Harvard also uses race as far more than a "plus" factor.
  • Harvard has not considered race-neutral alternatives in good faith: "Harvard never even considered race-neutral alternatives until this litigation was threatened. It then formed a committee, quickly abandoned it, and then formed a new committee at the close of discovery that, almost comically, was comprised of only three people and whose work was almost entirely outsourced to counsel."

Dear Asian Americans:
    If we are half smart, we should be organizing and uniting NOW! 
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