Monday, May 14, 2018

Political Maturity (3) - Ask for accountability

Ask for accountability from our leaders

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        Political Maturity We Need:    4) Ask for ACCOUNTABILITY 
      We, AsAms, are culturally reluctant to ask for accountability from our leaders, be they AsAm elected officials and/or community leaders. The implicit reason for NOT asking for accountability is that it could lead to bad feelings, which is bad for forging UNITY.

      However, the above is a baseless hypothesis. If "not asking for accountability helps forge unity," then AsAms would have the most united, though inefficient, community. The truth is that we are the most splintered and inefficient community, despite highly efficient individuals and profit-seeking companies!

     "Don't ask for accountability" is an elite-created-myth for us little folks. Our elites want to give each other "FACE" and help each other retain leadership positions without the requisite sacrifice and toiling. We must press for accountability!
      Take for example the group of 14 that asked for a meeting with FBI Director Wray.  Another week has passed -- without a reply from Wray and without a fuss from the group of 14.  Are they leaders?  Are they helping us or just helping to affirm the humiliating image that "AsAm activists will timidly walk away when ignored"?  You be the judge.

            How 80-20 EF had advised them to address Director Wray,
                                             which they rejected.
      EF would have joined the group of 14 had it agreed to "carry a stick" in its letter to Director Wray.  It'll be something like: 

....... In 8 weeks, we are planning a National Press Conference in Washington D.C.  We'll announce our coalition's understanding of your earlier Senate statement, which broadly painted all Chinese nationals as a threat to our national security.  We will give credit or hold accountable President Trump who appointed you and the Republican Senate which confirmed you.  We trust that we'll hear from you by then.    ........

      Such a letter would be sent "registered and return-receipt requested", via email, and by fax, to Director Wray, Attorney Gen. Sessions of DOJ,  Chairperson of the Republican Nat'l Comm (RNC), and President Trump.  RNC and the White House would pass the word to Director Wray to pay attention to our letter.  

      If such a letter were to be sent, the outcome would mostly likely be quite different. If we still didn't hear from Wray, then we may have used the "National Press Conference in Washington D.C." to urge our community to punish during the coming mid-term election. Either way, our community would not be humiliated. Indeed, Director Wray may be induced to reconsider his earlier Senate statement.

      We live in a great nation which truly practices democracy.  Anyone who understands democracy knows that it is fitting and proper for our community to exercise our rights to reward or punish politicians according to our interest during elections.  That is how America's democracy works.  

      80-20 EF continues its offer to work with the group of 14 to recover our community's honor, without getting a positive response.  

Asking for accountability will address 
                  poor performance.

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