Friday, May 11, 2018

Love to hear your views

Love to hear and learn from your views!

A special e-newsletter to introduce EF's poster board to you.  Our regular e-newsletter will follow.
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                     Now, you and I can communicate.  :-)  :-)   :-)

   Please click here to reach 80-20 EF's NEW poster board.  Then, click on the title of either of the 2 recent e-newsletters, i.e. Political Maturity (1) or P.M. (2), to post your views.  

   After clicking on a title of your choice, a new page will open up.  When you get there, you'll see comments 1 to 3 already posted.  Those are samples to help you use this poster board.

    The samples show
Comment (1):   How you can post your view or question (colored green);

Comments (2) & (3):  How another 80-20 supporter may choose to 
                 comment (red) on your comment (green).  Sometimes I'll join the 
                 fun and have a discussion/debate with all of you.  :-)

     Click on and be the first to start our discussion. From here on out, every EF e-newsletter will have a poster board so that we may hear your views and learn from you.  Together, we shall overcome.


PS:  On the home page of the poster board, you'll also see about 162 earlier e-newsletters published from 07/31/2007 to 11/26/2014.  A gap separates the older e-newsletters from the recent ones.  Go click on the e-newsletter dated (07/15/2014).   It has more than 100 comments & discussions.   That is how we learn from each other and become a cohesive community.