Monday, August 7, 2017

Strong Support from WSJ's EDITORIAL!

The importance of "Ugly facts..":

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              More Progress!

     One day after the NYT published an article, entitled "Affirmative ActionBattle Has a New Focus: Asian Americans", the Wall Street Journal stood like a giant for weak, dis-organized AsAms by publishing an EDITORIAL entitled "What Is Harvard Hiding?" The editorial ended by stating:

    "If colleges are enforcing quotas on qualified applicants merely because of their ethnicity, the term for that is one familiar to progressive academics: institutional racism." (Emphasis added)

    Both strong stands, by our nation's most prestigious newspapers, came a few days AFTER 80-20 EF published our "UGLY facts on discrimination against AsAm youth".  While we don't have direct evidence that those articleswere influenced by 80-20's "UGLY facts ...", there is circumstantial evidence. After all, few people have the patience to read through tens of legal documents in lawyerly language to understand the discrimination against us.    
80-20's service to the community was placing all the UGLY facts of discrimination against our children in one page and putting forth a determined effort to make America's decision-makers aware of it.
     Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the editorial are essentially item 3) of our "UGLY facts ...". Paragraph 4 is essentially item 2) of our "UGLY facts ...".  The WSJ's editorial's ending paragraph has elements of item 7) of our "UGLY facts ..." where  80-20 EF charged Ivy Leagues with forming "an apparent cabal."
       What is Needed to Win a Level-playing Field for Our Children?
    We can win it through the courts and/or DOJ investigation.  Or, we could win it through the Court of Public Opinion.   To do the latter, we need 20 more editorials like the one from the WSJ.   Now that we have a great one page "UGLY facts ...", we really need you to keep one copy yourself and forward it to as many friends,   AsAms or non-AsAms, as possible.  Forward it to your local papers. Here is its short URL: .  Do your share.  When you succeed in getting a positive editorial, let us know and we'll, in turn let our entire community know of your success.
    You do your share, and 80-20 will try to match your effort.  Soon, 80-20 will have an important announcement, taking the next step.
S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

PS:  EF got 1 article from the LA Times, and 2 from Asian Times, many interviews and a huge number of "thank you" emails this week.  One was so flattering that I passed it on to our Board to boost morale:  
      "One small step for 80-20, one giant leap for AsAms .. HooYaa!!" 
       from Chao Hsieh.  :-)
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