Monday, July 17, 2017

New Proof of Discrimination Against AsAm Students

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New & Powerful Proof of Discrimination Against AsAms
   The following diagram is about ACCEPTANCE rates.  Students of very similar performance, shown in 3 different combinations of MCAT & GPA, experience very different acceptance rates.  Asian applicants have the lowest acceptance rates in all 3 cases, consistently lower than even those of their white peers.  
   To achieve diversity is to let Hispanic & black peers have an advantage. 80-20 is for that.  However, why do Asian applicants have to yield to white peers?  For minorities like Asians to be forced to yield to white peers is the RESERVE of Affirmative Action.  The extreme abuse of affirmative Action is proof possible that AsAms are being DISCRIMINATED!
   See below for a bar chart released by the American Enterprise Institute, based on a table released by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) .
Asian Am. parents often proudly talk about how they are willing to sacrifice for their children's education.  Do they?   So many of them don't even dare to speak up against the open discrimination against their children, much less organizing to fight against the discrimination in college admissions.   

    Too many AsAms are too timid.  Look at 80-20, we have always stuck our necks out to achieve justice and equal opportunity for all.  We are NOT in trouble at all.   Wake up, AsAms.  The bar chart shows the the discrimination against our educational opportunity has EXTENDED to GRADUATE SCHOOLS.  Step up and be counted!

Texas to stop "race preference" admissions.   Click here to hear a powerful 2 :28 minute video message by Blum and a young AsAm lawyer, Cory Liu

     If you had followed Mr. Blum's lawsuits closely, you would have noticed that his lawsuits are increasingly focused on the discrimination against AsAm students.       

     Shame on our financially well-off community, which sat by and let Blum fight for us.  Our rich individuals, who gave tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to Harvard for naming a building after themselves, should particularly feel this shame.

   80-20 EF is doing its best to assist Blum.  80-20 EF has increased its annual contribution to SFFA from $5,000/yr to  $10,000/yr. and strived to recruit members for SFFA.   Let's all try to do more.

 Students who have recently been rejected by UT are urged to contact Blum and Liu via

      Are you a parent of students who belong to ECAASU (East Coast Asian American Student Union)?  That organization supports "race-preference" admissions.  Please forward this email to them.  Call to discuss with them the difference between supporting diversity versus giving white peers advantages over AsAm students.  Even the editorial board of Harvard's student paper, Crimsonquestioned why AsAm applicants need to yield 140 SAT points to white peers in order to gain equal access to elite colleges. 
    Some of the ECASSU members will be applying for medical schools.  Tell them to wake up, they will be discriminated against in their application to Graduate schools.

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