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Reaction to "U.A. Flight 3411" E-newsletter

How AsAms React to the U.A. Episode

 Reaction To Our Joint 80-20 EF & 80-20 PAC Announcement
{A} The Joint Announcement       
     If indeed 3 out of the 4 randomly rejected passengers on United Airlines (U.A.) flight 3411 were Asians, as rumored in Asian social media, then this could be a very serious racial discrimination case as well.  Note that a Chicago-Louisville flight is unlikely to have many Asians on board.
    However, repeated contacts with U.A. have thus far failed to receive a confirmation or denial on that point.  80-20 Initiative, composed of both PAC and EF, will be vigilant, and is keeping a very intense watch over the situation.
     Setting race aside, we as citizens were outraged by how U.A. allowed police to drag a senior citizen with a proper ticket down the aisle of an airplane, and urge U.A. to make broad changes to its policies so that nothing similar happens.  U.A.'s CEO has already apologized and promised changes.

{B} Offering A Reward of $250 to anyone who has the valid 
names and ethnicities of the 4 randomly rejected passengers 
on U.A. flight 3411. Email
To those who posted on social media that 3 of 4 were Asians, please come up with the evidence! Thank you.
{C} Readers Expressed  support:  

      Our Readers overwhelmingly supported 80-20's position:

[A] If indeed 3 out of 4 of the randomly rejected passengers were Asians, as
rumored in some Chinese social media, then there could be a race element. 80-20 shall be vigilant.

[B] If otherwise, it is probably an abuse case, not a race caseDr. Dao and his
lawyers will likely be awarded millions if not tens of millions of dollars through court ordered "compensatory" and separately "punitive" damages or through settlement. Each nation has its own way of preventing abuses.
This is the way that the U.S. handles it.
(1) Totally agree!  Hidemi Matsushita, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Music
(2) Thankful for you. Let's fight. Jaye Jacqueline
(3) How do I participate and what do I do to contribute? Tony
(4) Cheers for the 80-20 on the protest! Liang, GH
(5) Please advise what is the action of US Asia Community ?  Joe ZhouI 
(6) Is it OK to forward this to our colleagues and/or post the attached image (from your email) on social medias?  Bo-Wen Shen, Ph.D. Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics
(7) Well said. I am heartened that 80-20 is taking a standing on this. Youxue
(8)The voice and response from Asian American community with other human rights activists is needed. Paul Chiou   
(9)  thought about you and our forum immediately after the incident, and we are happy you are taking care of it. Huo, Shitao
(10) Glad you are watching. B leong
(11) Thanks for all that you've done to focus attention on issues of great concerns to Asian-Americans, but which receive very little attention in mainstream media.   We particularly appreciate all the work done in connection with the college admissions issues, which very significantly hurt Asian-Americans.  Please do focus on what happened on the United flight... Julie Chiu
(12) There are two issues here. An issue is about a mistreated paid and seated customer. The other issue is a civil right one on racial profiling/discrimination. We should not let the second issue be buried in the heat of the first issue. Yang Song
Apologies to those whose support letters, we are not publishing owing to space considerations.
{D} Readers Expressing Strong Feelings Against United Airlines
(1) "UA has been practicing racial discrimination many years. Many years ago my Chinese friend was on a UA flight starting from Houston, he used mileage to obtain first class seat and being forced to give up his seat to make room for a white person, even worse the airline refused to compensated him for the down grade, when he refused to give up his seat, the airline called police to haul him to police station for retention. A lawsuit ensued later and the case being settled out of court, no details allowed to be divulged though. It just shows racial discrimination is deep in American
corporate culture. Anthony Ching"
(2) "I urge you to fight this in the most legally aggressive way possible!  Hina W. Chaudhry, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Director, Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine"
(3) "That CEO needs to be fired. I myself have had very bad experience with the UA. Their service is horrible showing no care of customers whatsoever. That company has a lousy culture and needs a big change. I don't have doubt they have chosen Asian on purpose, based on their low moral mindset. What a jerky airline!"          Jeff Chen

"United Airline has been behaving this way for many years.  I had a very unpleasant experience several years ago when I flew from Boston to SF.  Given their boarding priority classification, I had to wait to board a plane for a long time as I did not fly United Airline often. When I complained about the waiting to an agent at the gate, they told me to shut up otherwise they would kick me off the plane. I was shocked by their rude and unprofessional behaviors, I asked the agent to give me her name and she refused to do that. Her coworkers also refused to give her name. It was an awful experience.
Although I contemplated, I did not pursue and take action against United Airline at that time since I am very busy with my life.  Looking at what's happening, I think they've got what they deserve and it is long overdue given their abusive behaviors towards their customers for many years.    
                                  Moon, Aeri,M.D."
"I am on a wheelchair, and when I arrived at the check-in, they told me that you are late, and boarding has been completed. I later learned that that flight was overbooked.             Mohapatra, Partha" 
"This is not enough, the  CEO have to resign.  Chengxiu Zhang"

"Myself had many bad experience with UA, probably also related to race issue, including one in December that UA did not fix their problem to let me check in my luggage for international flight to Beijing.   I had so Many bad cases. Their customer service was awful!  I would not use UA in December if there were other airlines direct flight from Hangzhou to USA for my return trip.                      Aihua Xie"
   80-20 continues to work on your behalf to cut through the rumors and to take action where action is warranted.
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