Monday, April 3, 2017

Empowering ourselves & where YOU come in

ALL OF US WISH that we could have the kind of political clout that the Jewish American community has.   Will wishing get us there?  
   STOP WISHING.  START DOING - step by painstaking steps!   Will you consider pitching in please?
                       Money Talks
    The Jewish community has a fabled political organization entitled The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC.  To serve the 6 million Jewish Americans, its annual budget was a whopping $67 million 4 years ago.
    80-20 Initiative has established an 80-20 PAC and a 501 c-3 org., 80-20 Educational Foundation.   Together, they function like the Jewish AIPAC.  However, to serve the 16 million AsAms, PAC has an annual budget of $0.1 million, and EF has an annual budget of about $0.18 million.  
    Are we discouraged by the lopsided comparison?  Not at all.  We believe in empowering ourselves, step by painstaking steps.
    4 years ago, EF started SELF  (Self Empowerment Long-term Fund).  Today SELF has grown to $2.6 million - a historic feat.  Click here to verify. See the "Total Donations Received" line.  Scroll down on that page to see those names shown in a pink background. They are model-donors who completed their 5-yr pledges in 4 years.  For our future generations! 
        Are AsAm Rich Folks Doing their Share to Help?
    NO.  They are too "smart" to do their share.  They would rather give money to  "Harvard" to get a building named after them.  What a shame.  "Charity starts at home."  The AsAm rich folks need to do their share to help us win equal opportunity.  80-20 always tells it like it is. If no others will point it out, 80-20 will.  Why is 80-20 making them mad?  Quite to the contrary, in the long run, our rich folks & their children will thank us for jolting their community consciousness -- another of the painstaking steps we must take.
                        Leadership Counts
   Money Talks.  Additionally, leadership counts.
   80-20 EF's Board recently added two new members - again, step by painstaking  steps. They are doctors Andrew Lam & Larry Shen
Their DISTINGUISHED  bios are shown as footnotes below.                                 
Your Support Counts Even More.
     Only an estimated 15,000 AsAms have ever helped 80-20 with money and/or time.  The rest of the 16 million AsAms have not lifted a finger to help.   
    If you belong to that group, help today!  Why?  Because you are actually empowering YOURSELF & YOUR CHILDREN to win equal opportunity.  There are so many ways to help.  Act today!  :-) 
S. B. Woo 
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization

Footnote 1: Andrew Lam is an ABC.  He graduated summa cum laude in history from Yale University, where he studied military history and U.S.- East Asian Relations."  He is a retinal surgeon and is currently an Asst. Prof. of Ophthalmology at Tuft Univ. He is registered Republican. He resides in MA. He is the author of two books:  "Saving Sight"  and "Two Sons of China."  Both books have received numerous prizes.  He is also the author of a recent NYT Op Ed piece, entitled  
Footnote 2: Larry Shen is co-founder and president of  Pharmapace, Inc. a San Diego based consulting and full service outsourcing firm for pharmaceutical, biotech, & medical device companies.  Prior to founding Pharmapace, Dr. Shen was a V.P. at Amylin Pharmaceuticals. To illustrate his passion to empower our community, he pledged $1200/yr for 5 years, but donated twice as much, while completing his 5-yr pledge in 4 years.  Our community needs individuals who will deliver more than they've promised.  :-)
To know more about 80-20, view these videos:  (Ignore the last 35 secs. The election is over.)