Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Do you know the 2016 election Part (2)?

Info on 2016 election that you may not know

 REMINDER:  S. B. Woo has stepped down from the presidency of 80-20 PAC, although he is still the president of 80-20 Educational Foundation.
 Did the outcome of the 2016 election surprise you?  Understand why.
      The 2016 election is over. Please don't misconstrue the info presented as plugging for one or the other of the former candidates. Knowing these facts could help us better understand America and American elections.  
    Last Friday, I presented this talk to a group of prominent retired senior professionals, including many former government officials.  Both facts and opinions were very well-received.  Part (1) of this series was on H. Clinton's (HC's) real advantages over D. Trump (DT).   Part (2) is on her presumed advantages, and how the presumed advantages didn't match up with the reality, seen via NYT's exit poll.
           Presumed HC Advantages When Compared With Reality
1) The possibility of electing the historic first woman President would induce over-whelming women support for HC.
     Truth:  Women voted more for Obama in 2012 (55%) than for HC in 2016 (54%).
2)  Educated whites would NOT vote for Trump
      Truth:  Whites with college degrees voted 49% for DT and 45% for HC.

3)  Minorities would be HC's firewall, given HC's identity politics and DT's politically incorrect statements. 

     Truth:  Blacks, Hispanics and Asians all supported HC by 5 to 8 pts. than they supported Obama in 2012.

         2012(Obama/Romney/Others)    2016(HC/DT/Others)
Blacks                      93/07                                        88/08/4
Hispanics                 71/27                                        65/29/4
Asians                      73/26/1                                     65/29/4

           Why Didn't HC's Real Advantage in Money Raised work?
   HC had almost a 2 to 1 advantage over DT in money raised. But it didn't win the election for her.   Why?   
    Of the $1.4 billion she'd raised, only $102 million or 7% came from donations of $200 or less.  In comparison, Obama raised $214 million from donations of $200 or less in 2012, more than2 times more.  Let's say that the average small donation is $102, then HC has 1 million donors who are ordinary citizens, while Obama had about 2 million such ordinary donors.  The enthusiasm of such small donors is very important to winning an election.  Most politicians have valued that.  Some campaigns were willing to lose money in order to raise this kind of small donations.
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    In the next few EF e-newsletters, we'll continue to explore why HC didn't win in-spite of all the real advantages.

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