Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Do you know the 2016 election Part (1)?

Info on 2016 election 
that you may not know

REMINDER: S. B. Woo has stepped down from the presidency of 80-20 PAC, although he is still the president of 80-20 Educational Foundation.
         Shocking Facts You May NOT Know About the 2016 Election

        The following facts (NOT opinion) about the 2016 election may be shocking since most people didn't know it, to my best knowledge .  These facts could be educational in helping AsAm understand how elections are won and lost.  
     These facts are all referenced.  They are from a talk I'll give on coming Friday to a FL group of which I am a member.  The members are composed of generals, one admiral, many CIA officials, diplomats, medical doctors, physicists, and other professionals with "distinguished" careers, who have retired.
    To whet your appetite, here is a "table of contents" plus the details of part (a) of item 1: "HC's Incredible real & presumed advantages in the election."  HC and DT stand for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively.
                                  Table of Contents
        1. HC's Incredible real & presumed advantages over DT
        2. Why the advantages didn't work out
        3. Michael Moore, a very strong HC supporter, had 5 fears that HC'd lose
        4. Dem. could easily win back the White House in 2020, if .....
        5. Worrisome implications to our democracy.
            Part (a) of Item 1: HC's Incredible advantages over DT
*Money Raised  (as of about Nov. 8).  Click here to know more.
       HC has a  2 to 1 advantage (HC:  $1.4 Billion ; DT $870 million)
*Endorsements from Major Media     Click here to know more.
         500 to 27 in favor of HC. 37 papers didn't endorse, but published editorials advising "No Trump" e.g. The USA Today. 37 was 10 larger than 27.
*Party Support     Click here to know which Republicans opposed DT. 
HC enjoyed the united support of the Dem. Party, including that of Sen. Sanders, Pres. Obama and all past Dem. presidents and all immediate past presidential nominees (J. Kerry & W. Mondale)

DT faced a Terrible Disunity of the Republican Party. He was publicly disowned by the 2 immediate past GOP presidents, rejected by the 2 immediate past presidential nominees (Romney & McCain),rejected by GOP heavy weights Colin Powell, Condo. Rice, even the Koch brothers didn't financially support DT.
     How could HC possibly lose???  For clues, look for EF's e-newsletters in the next days and weeks.  They may help you to understand America and American election of the modern days.  
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