Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First Litmus Test Met. Fighting on.

Gearing Up for a Long and Difficult Fight

Thank you.  Gearing Up for the Next Step.

   Thanks to the 1,000+ role models*, the first litmus test was met.  We've shown the minimal resolve to take on this fight for the welfare of our children. 80-20 Educational Foundation's Board will meet to discuss setting up a petition site.   All self-respecting AsAms should sign on to 

   (1) stop entirely or at least reduce by 50% donations to all Ivy League schools whose admissions policy discriminates against AsAm applicants, and
   (2) to pay $10 or more towards funding a $2 million war chest for a lawsuit against these schools.

   For details, click  here to read an earlier e-newsletter.
                       The Letter that moved me the most

   One supporter referred to the extra 140 SAT points, which AsAm applicants had to meet against white applicants, in order to gain equal access to elite schools as a possible cause of their high suicide rate.  

   "Frankly I think it is one of the factors in the high suicide rate among Asian kids in places like Palo Alto, CA.  The parents know the deck is stacked against them, and push the kids to perform at unrealistic levels.  Unfortunately that is what it takes, when playing an unfair game.   -Steve xxxxx"

   Are some of our AsAm parents such cowards?  They'd rather push their children to achieve "unrealistic levels to the point of suicide," but not dare to stand up to fight the discrimination against their children?  For such parents, look at yourselves in the mirror.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

* By now 1,100 supportive emails have come in.  Unless you want to, there is no need for sending them any more.  Please pass the word via WeChat, Facebook, ..etc.  that we need to gear up to fight a very difficult battle for our self-respect and our children.  Read these words of the 3 dissenting Supreme Court Justices, which includes The Chief Justice:

"... But UT's plan discriminates against Asian American students ... including racial discrimination that undeniably harms Asian Ams ... the court's willingness to allow this "discrimination against individuals of Asian descent is particularly troubling, in light of the long history of discrimination against Asian Americans, especially in education ... In particular, the Fifth Circuit's willful blindness to Asian-American students is absolutely shameless."

To know more about 80-20, view these videos :
https://youtu.be/dB3eGVqG-wA  (Ignore the last 35 secs.  80-20's candidate has won.)
http://youtu.be/h781_ECSJYM (Ignore the appeal for funds.  SELF has succeeded.)
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