Sunday, June 26, 2016

Enraged? Failing the litmus test so far.

Enraged? Action is what counts.

Failing the Litmus Test so far.

   In 2 days, 80-20 has received 550 supportive emails.  We should have received  667 (1,000 x 2/3).   If our community can't even pass the first of many litmus tests to come - the last one being winning the lawsuit, then we are not ready.

Do Your Share to Meet the Litmus Test
   If you don't agree, then take a few minutes to send in your supportive email, or inspire your friends to send in theirs.  We have 450 supportive emails today.  

   Why the litmus test?  If 80-20 decides to file a lawsuit to stop the elite school from openly discriminating against AsAm students, it'll be the BIGGEST fight it has ever handled.  We need to measure our internal resolve.  550 supportive emails in 2 days is very good, but we need the BIGGEST EMOTION & RESOLVE.  

   Read the words of the 3 Supreme Court justices again:

   "... But UT's plan discriminates against Asian American students...including racial discriminates that undeniably harms Asian Ams ... the court's willingness to allow this "discrimination against individuals of Asian descent is particularly troubling, in light of the long history of discrimination against Asian Americans, especially in education ... In particular, the Fifth Circuit's willful blindness to Asian-American students is absolutely shameless."

   If we accept such clear discrimination against us sitting down, ... 

   How it could affect your lives materially:

   Will they be encourages to lower the glass ceiling in your workplace? Will the barrier in college admissions against your children be raised? Will they intern you, when, God forbid, there would be a war between the US and some Asian nations?

   How it could affect your family life:
      Will your children still respect you?  
      Will your spouse still respect you? 
      Can you look into the mirror and still maintain your self-respect?

Who Are the Most Shameless?

   Will it be the liberal justices in the Supreme court and Fifth Circuit court? 
   Will it be our rich who gave generously to elite schools without asking them to not discriminate against AsAm students, and without donating to our community's organizations which fight against such discrimination?  

   Or will it be us, if we take such clear discrimination against us sitting down?

   Send in your supportive email, if you have not yet.  80-20 has managed to win for you most of the times, because we measure and build up our strength methodically, and we work ourselves mercilessly fighting for YOU.

   Send the supportive emails or get others to send please?

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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