Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sanders' Campaign Dead? Our Prospect to be Equals?

A Presidential Election – AsAms’ Golden Opportunity
To Win Equal Opportunity

Is Bernie Sanders' Campaign Hopeless?  NO!

   NO.  Beware, however, that  today's results will be very disappointing to Bernie supporters. He is likely to lose the primaries in the following 5 states:

CT  (55 delegates)
DE  (21)
MD (95)
PA (189)
RI    (24)

   The total number of delegates of those 5 states is 384.  Sanders needs to gain (not lose) pledged delegates.  That is not to mention the huge lead in super delegates currently enjoyed by Sec. Clinton.

   So why isn't Sanders' campaign hopeless?  

   On June 7th, Sanders will likely gain almost 3 times more delegates than what he'll lose today.

   Here is the mathematics:  Sen. Sanders will

(1) lose today's primary by about 60 to 40, losing a 20% share of the 384 delegates, but
(2) win the CA primary, say, with AsAms' help, by 70 to 30, gaining a 40% share of CA's 475 delegates.

   So on June 7, Sanders will roughly gain a net of (40% of 475) = 190 delegates.   Today, however, he'll likely lose (20% of 384) = 78 delegates. Recall Sanders also lost 33 delegates to Clinton in the NY primary, so on June 7th Sanders will gain* about  (190 -77 -33) = 80 delegates.

   In addition, the super delegates don't vote until they get to the Democratic National Convention.  If Sanders really begins to catch up, the super delegates may change their votes.

Is 80-20 Supporting Sanders?  NO!

   Neither of the two Democratic candidates have answered 80-20's questionnaire.  During the primary, 80-20 will support the first candidate who answers satisfactorily, whether a Democrat or a Republican, against his/her opponents.  In the general election, 80-20 will hold an Endorsement Convention, with elected delegates, to decide whether to endorse a D or a R.  

   As long as the primaries are very tight, 80-20 has the best chance of inducing the candidates to reply to its questionnaires to HELP YOU GAIN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

What if 80-20 helps Clinton in the CA primary on June 7th?

   If Secretary Clinton is the first to answer our questionnaire satisfactorily**, 80-20 will be as delighted to help her as helping Sen. Sanders on June 7th.  In which case, Sanders' campaign will unfortunately die on June 7th.  

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the last 17 years
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc. 

*After today, there will also be 5 other primaries before June 7th.  They are; IN (83), WV (29), KY(55), OR(61) and PR(60).  Sanders and Clinton will roughly come out even in these races.  For source of delegates in each state, click here.

**The Clinton campaign has let 80-20 know that it is drafting answers to our questionnaire.

PS:  80-20 URGES you to send your friends' email addresses to us, using the method suggested here.  That way we'll be more effective on June 7th.   Please do your share!

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