Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Great Battle Looms on June 7th in California

Be a Part of our June 7th Battle
To Win, We Need You

   June 7th (Tuesday) is the date of the Democratic open primary in CA. Although the battle will unfold in CA, its outcome will affect EVERY Asian Am.

   If we win big in that battle, it'll give us the political clout we need to win EQUAL opportunity for us and our children.

   We need to beef up our strengths to ensure a BIG win:
     1) 80-20 has booked tens of thousands of dollars' worth of media ads, and will spend up to six figures if necessary.  
     2) 80-20 has reminded you repeatedly about the Great Battle on June 7th, and
     3) You must do your share.  Help 80-20 to GREATLY increase the size of its e-mail list of CA AsAms.   

   The following is what YOU need to do:
     a) Put all your AsAm email addresses in your address book into the "To:" line of an outgoing email.  We want to save you time to search for just the CA AsAm e-addresses.  If there are a few non-AsAm email addresses mixed in it (less than 20%), don't worry about it. We'll take care of it.

     b) Send them an email with the following proposed contents:

         "I think you'll enjoy reading the e-newsletters from 80-20 Initiative, a very effective political org. helping AsAms achieve equal opportunity. Click on      http://youtu.be/h781_ECSJYM to view an 8-minute video to see 80-20's effectiveness. This email is NOT about raising money.  80-20 has already raised $1 million/yr for 5 years. Don't you love 80-20's effectiveness?  :-)

     If you want to unsubscribe, all you'll need to do is to click on SafeUnsubscribe™   which is ALWAYS available at the end of each e-newsletter you'll receive.  

     I hope you'll find those e-newsletters helpful in expanding your political knowledge about America and help you win EQUAL opportunity for yourself and your children!

                                                              Warmest regards,
                                                              Your first name"

     c) Having sent the above, forward the same email to stephen.lin@80-20ef.org, my special assistant, who will add those e-mail addresses to 80-20's huge e-mail list.

   80-20 is a cyberspace organization, its size of its e-mail list is the size of its clout. I am COUNTING ON YOU.  

   When you do YOUR share, we'll all win, including our children.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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