Sunday, January 17, 2016

Need Harvard Grads' Help to Push "Race Neutral" Admissions

Are you a Harvard Graduate? Please Help.

URGENT!   Need 
200 physical signatures
from Harvard Alumni returned by Jan. 31, 2016

   Reason?  To nominate 5 candidates to run for 5 seats on Harvard's Board of Overseers. Their platform will be "Free Harvard, Fair Harvard." 80-20 joins others to take the battle for race-neutral admissions right up to Harvard's doorsteps. 

Why "Fair Harvard"?

   Take one look at the following diagram, based on federally-reported statistics, and you will know that Ivy League schools have been limiting AsAms admits.  The population of Asians age 18-21 has doubled, while the population attending Harvard has dropped by about 50%.  In comparison, at meritocratic Caltech, its Asian enrollment has followed the population increase in AsAm youth.

   "A nation that selects its elites by corrupt means will produce corrupt elites.  These abuse must stop," said Ron Unz, one of the 5 candidates to be nominated.   

   The candidates advocate "far greater transparency in the admissions process, which is totally opaque and therefore subject to massive hidden favoritism and abuse."
Why "Free Harvard"?

   Take one look at the diagram below and you'll know that the time has come for Harvard to exempt tuition.  At Harvard, the revenue generated is negligible compared to the investment income of the endowment.

                  What YOU & Harvard Graduates Can Do

   If you are a Harvard alum (of the college or any of the graduate schools) or you can guarantee 100% to get such signatures, please contact ASAP the 80-20 representative with your name and postal address; you will then receive a FedEx packet of 5 nomination forms which all need to be signed and returned by prepaid FedEx.

   At the heart of this endeavor are several long time advocates who "have written or testified extensively against race-based admissions":
   80-20 strongly supports Ron Unz's campaign to secure 201 signatures from Harvard alumni to assure that these 5 magnificent candidates will get on Harvard's next ballot for Board of Overseers. Forward. Help please.

New York Times Chimed In

   Read this front page NYT article (1/14): "Some Would Level the Playing Field: Free Harvard Degrees"

Dr. Wei-Jing Zhu, an 80-20 EF Board Member, H/R '90   

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