Saturday, January 30, 2016

Election. Our Golden Chance to Win Equality.

Asian Americans' Biggest Challenges

     AsAm adults face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces.  AsAm college-aged youngsters face the highest barrier to entering elite universities.   We are not equal citizens, not because we are lacking in personal effort and/or ability but because of institutional discrimination!  Behold these irrefutable statistics:


Presidential Election is Our Golden Opportunity

     The Presidential election is our best chance of getting our grievances addressed.  One effective way is to get the candidates to answer our questionnaire.  See the results of getting candidate Obama to answer with "6 yeses" in 2008: 

(1) tripled the number of AsAm federal judges and increased number of AsAm Appeals Court judges from 0 to 4, and


(2) lifted the glass ceiling on AsAm employees, especially federal employees somewhat but NOT enough. See what it used to be in 2003.  Compare this to the top chart.


                          Asking 2016 presidential candidates 7 questions
                        while respectfully requesting a "yes" or "no" answer

(A) The first three focus on the continued lifting of glass ceilings in private industries, universities and the federal government.

(1) If elected, will you issue a directive to the Department of Labor asking it to focus on enforcing Executive Order 11246 on behalf of Asian Americans including the usage of debarment for persistent violators?  In the past similar efforts have already been made on behalf of women and other minorities with remarkable success (see top chart). 

(2) If elected, will you issue an Executive Order asking the federal agencies to promote qualified Asian Americans to Senior Executive Service?   

(3) If elected, will you make it a top priority of your Administration to nominate qualified Asian Americans to serve as Article III life-tenured federal judges, whenever such vacancies are available?  These include the Federal District Courts, Courts of Appeal, and the Supreme Court.  

(B)  The next 2 ask our next president to speak out against "race preference" in college admissions.  Or, if the Supreme Court decides against such admissions, then direct the Dept. of Education to enforce it.

(4) If elected, will you be willing to make a public statement in your first year in office that it is difficult for you to conceive that on the average Asian Am students admitted to first-rate colleges is holistically so much worse than the white, Hispanic and black students admitted that the Asian Americans student will need to score 140 point higher than whites, 270 points higher than Hispanics and 450 points higher than blacks in a 1600 point SAT scoring system to have equal chance to be admitted?

(5) If elected, and if the Supreme Court bans the use of race as a factor in college admissions, will you direct the Department of Education to withhold federal funding from colleges that continue to use race in college admissions? 

(6) If elected, in your 3rd year as our President, will you host a meeting at the White House to review with a group of Asian American national leaders, put together jointly by 80-20 and your administration, the progress on the three issues above: equal opportunity in the workplace; equal opportunity in federal judicial appointments; and equal opportunity in college admissions?

(C) The last one asks the next president to order DOJ to conduct an independent investigation.

(7) If elected, will you direct your Attorney General to conduct an independent investigation of the wrongly prosecuted cases of Drs. Sherry Chen, and Xiaoxing Xi, and to diligently continue this investigation if it has already been initiated?  
YOU must help.  80-20 can't do it alone.   

     Candidates MUST do well in Iowa and New Hampshire or face demise. Hence, email your friends and relatives in those 2 states to speak to candidates and/or their campaign staff to urge they respond to 80-20's questionnaire.  Tell them that 80-20 will endorse those candidates in primary elections who give satisfactory answers.

     Click here to see 80-20's cover letter and questionnaire that have been "priority mailed" to every presidential campaign.  

Counting on you,

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 PAC, Inc.

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