Friday, October 16, 2015

Less than $10k/yr short. Give SELF a final push.

Only 10 Days Left

Dear All Warm-blooded Asian Americans:

   5 days ago, SELF was $23k/yr short.  Today it is only $10k/yr short. 

   Apparently, it is at $878,000/yr.  Recall, however, 2 MAGNIFICENT AsAms had promised to donate additional $12k/yr, if needed, to reach $900,000/yr for 5 years.  In fact, therefore, we have already raised $890k/yr.
                     DONATE please.

(BTW, as promised I donated another $1k/yr to increase my personal donation to $9,000/yr, since SELF advanced beyond what I had hoped for in the last 5 days.)

                   An Associated Press article

   When an Asian American student asked Trump a question about Korea, Trump asked: "Where are you from?  South Korea?" 

   Read "South Korea? Trump's 'Where Are You From' Moment"

Is there an implied sense of foreignness in how Trump treated this student?

   Q: Want to help educate Trump and other presidential candidates from making such mistakes? 

   A: Please pass this article to the AsAm college students you know.

   Students are much more likely to attend presidential election rallies.  Ask them to spot the campaign staffs in such rallies, and walk up to ask the staffs to tell their bosses that most Asians in such rallies are good ole Americans, and warn their bosses not to make the same mistake that Trump did.  When politicians are campaigning, they are very eager to listen in order to avoid making news-making mistakes.  

   If enough AsAm students will do that during this election season, it'll help educate America's top politicians not to treat AsAms as "perpetual foreigners".   After SELF succeeds, 80-20 will hire more staff to do a lot more to erase such stereotypic negative images against us. But right now, publishing this event is all we can do.   Note: One has to know the American political system to influence it.  80-20 knows the system. 

   Please donate to SELF.

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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