Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A good 1st of the last 20 days for SELF

 A Decision to Make Us the Deciders

    80-20's Boards have wisely decided that

if SELF reaches $900k/yr for 5 yrs in another 19 days,
it is equivalent to having raised $1 million/yr, when the 
normal 10% OVERHEAD* is taken into account.
That is, 80-20 SHALL live, if we reach $900k/yr for 5 yrs on Oct. 25.  We'll be the masters of our own destiny, if we reach $900k/yr.

What a legacy of political clout we will have passed on to our children.   

               How Did We Fare on the 1st of the LAST 20 days?

    Yesterday was the first of the last 20 days before reaching the deadline date of Oct. 25 for SELF.   It was a good 1st day.  The total donation increased by 2.2k/yr to $858.8k/yr for 5 yrs.   If we keep up that rate or do even better, then on Oct. 25, we'll reach or exceed $900k/yr.

   Please DONATE generously here.  We CAN deliver an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM to our children.  
S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

*Thus far, 80-20's overhead is only 1.2% of the money raised.  We held no gala, dinner, or luncheon.  We didn't engage in expensive direct (snail) mail.  We did it without a single staff dedicated to fundraising.  Indeed, for the last 10 months, 80-20 didn't have a single paid staff.

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