Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Winning in the court of public opinion

Winning in the court of public opinion - the 1st step 
     The National Review, a conservative semi-monthly, has joined other prestigious papers and magazines like 

(1) 11/14, USA  Today, " Asians Get the Ivy League's Jewish Treatment",
(2) 11/14, Wall Street Journal, " Harvard's Asian Problem",
(3) 11/14, NY Times, " Is Harvard Unfair to AsAms?",
(4) 12/14, The  Atlantic,  " Do diversity indirectly discriminate against AsAms?"
in publishing  a powerful article condemning college admissions based on "race preference."  Its title, in an article by John Fund published on Apr. 5, 2015, is
One Indian American says he overcame anti-Asian bias and got into med school by claiming he was black.

     " . . . . .But the group bringing the lawsuit,  Students for Fair Admissions, won a powerful PR ally this week : Vijay Chokal-Ingam, an Indian American who happens to be the brother of Fox comedy star Mindy Kaling, revealed that he won acceptance to medical school  by claiming to be black .  Frustrated at being rejected by medical schools in part because of mediocre test scores and a 3.1 grade point average, Chokal-Ingam shaved off his slick black hair in 2001, began using his middle name, "Jojo," and checked the "black" box on his applications. He soon won interviews at Harvard and Columbia and a spot on waiting lists at the University of Pennsylvania, Washington University, and Mt. Sinai.  . . . . "

 The EMPEROR, that calls itself "race-preference" college admissions, HAS NO CLOTHES!

     Good News? AsAm "Civil Rights" OrgsAwakening?

     OCAAPALCAAJC, & JACL all seem to be backing away from "race-preference" college admissions.  Until recently, they file amicus briefs to support that  policy.  I doubt if they'll do that again, thanks to all of you who stopped supporting them.

     Some of them, however, still speak out of both sides of their mouths -- a comical situation. 80-20 urges them to make a clean break with their past support of  "race preference" college admissions.  IF and when they'll  do so,  80-20 shall thank, salute, and  welcome them .   We'll inform you when it seems "safe" to support them again.

     Effectiveness!   That is 80-20's name. You need 80-20's effectiveness to protect your interests.  80-20 may demise soon.

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     S.B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 15 years, President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.

AALDEF of NY still supports "race conscious" college admissions.  Don't support it.

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