Monday, April 20, 2015

Who will fight for YOU, if not YOU?

  Click on Should AsAms be active in Am politics?  to view a 1 min. 40 sec video giving you a VERY quick overview of a great PowerPoint of 51 slides, composed by H. P. Wang, an 80-20 volunteer.   You'll quickly get a very rough idea of what the PowerPoint is all about.

  After viewing the video, you can always see those 51 slides at your own pace, by clicking on the blue link below.

                               80-20 SELF FUND -04172015.pdf
  It is the BEST powerpoint presentation of "why AsAms need to be active in Am politics" that I've ever seen.   Comprehensive!  Factual!  Succinct!

  When I finished viewing the video and the pdf file, I was so moved knowing that I had the great privilege to fight for AsAms' rights through in the last 16 years. Wished that I'd have another 50 years to give.  But I don't at 77.  

                          SO IT IS NOW UP TO ALL OF YOU! 

 Someone must fight for our children who are too young, and most of the recent immigrants who are too new to America.  If YOU will just do YOUR share, everything will work out!

  Do YOUR SHARE please. 
     To DONATE to SELF S elf  E mpowerment L ong-term F und, 
                                      click  here .


 S.B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.

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80-20's Top 10 Accomplishment , published 3 years ago.