Monday, October 7, 2013

Why the Self Empowerment Long-term Fund?

   As the acronym SELF implies, it may signify that henceforth Asian Ams possess the self-confidence, wisdom, courage and the caring for justice and equal opportunity to put up OUR OWN money in order to fight OUR OWN battles to WIN OUR RIGHTS.

                             What Will SELF Bring Us?

(1) Clout

   Reliance on 80-20's political know-how, with a shoestring budget, can only go so far. Money is required to complement that political know-how. Money talks.

(2) Pride

   "USA Today" reported that many Asian Am youngsters chose NOT to identify themselves as Asian Ams when applying for college admissions. They seemed to sense that to be Asian Ams means to be stepped on, with our community helplessly watching without a fight. To verify that shameful reflection on us, click here. When we have the clout to fight effectively for our youngster's equal opportunity, their pride in their heritage and their elders will return.

                     A Board Decision Coming soon!

   In 6 days, 80-20 EF's Board will meet to decide if our community seems to have what it takes to take on this immensely difficult, precedent-breaking and history-making SELF project. 80-20 and you are parts of the same community. 80-20 is only as strong as you are!

S.B. Woo, a volunteer

President, 80-20 National AsAm Educational Foundation