Monday, October 21, 2013

CLARION CALL TO ACTION -- sacrifice & donate

                     CLARION CALL TO ACTION !
   80-20 calls on all Asian Americans to sacrifice and donate to an Asian American Self-Empowerment Fund.

   On our watch, friends, our children face the HIGHEST barrier against them in college admissions. Our adults face the LOWEST glass ceiling against them in workplaces. Does that reflect on us? Will our children be proud of us with those facts?

   We MUST pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps! Self reliance is infinitely more reliable than dependence on others. God helps those who help themselves. Doing your share to help establish the Self Empowerment Long-term Fund project, SELF, is the best way to achieve self help!

   If your family has an annual income of $100k/yr, we urge you to donate at least $100/yr for 5 years. Many families with lesser annual income are donating that amount or $50. To donate with a credit card (you do NOT need to be a Paypal member to use this Paypal site), click on .

Or send a check, payable to 80-20 EF, to
                 Lynn Chen-Zhang, CPA
                 7596 Oak Shore South
                 Portage, MI 49024

Your donation is tax deductible. You'll have many privileges, including having input into the usage of the fund. Click here for more details.

   80-20 believes that we'll be able to raise, within 1 year, the minimal EMPOWERING amount of $1 million/yr for 5 yrs.

   In any respect, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain. If we fail to raise, within 2 yrs., $1 million/yr for 5 yrs, your donation will be refunded in FULL. 80-20 has already set up an escrow bank account. If we succeed, then the socio-political benefit you'll gain will be many times that of your donation.

   Actually, 80-20 aims to raise $10 million/yr for 5 yrs within 2 years. We'll use "our money to talk for us" while using 80-20's "political know-how" to help our offspring to stand TALL, ONCE & for ALL.

   For those who earn much more than $100k/yr., we urge you to tithe -- to donate 1 to 3% of your annual income to the SELF project.

   My annual income is slightly above $100k/yr. I've donated 5% to 80-20's two components, EF and PAC. A role model, an "anonymous", has pledged $120,000 over the next 2 years. Another Asian Am. from Houston, TX, pledged $2,500/yr, believe it or not, for 8 yrs. Go visit our "Acknowledgement Page", you'll see the names of tens of individuals who've donated $1,000/yr or more for 5 yrs. You may know some of them.

   Click on NOW!

Please do your share! God helps those who help themselves. Let our children know that we fight for them.


Here is looking to you,
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation

PS: Forward this e-newsletter to friends. Help spread the word!
Pioneers are proud to sacrifice & bear heavier burdens!