Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is AALDEF a responsible organization?

            Diametrically Opposite Claims Made by 2 AsAm Orgs.
   On 6/26/2012, AALDEF, whose Exec. Director is Margaret Fung (info@aaldef.org ), issued a press release*. Its title is "The Majority of Asian Americans Support Race-Conscious Admissions Policies." Wow, what a claim! AALDEF also claimed that 80-20's survey was flawed.
   A few Months ago, 80-20 EF, whose President is S. B. Woo, did an open and neutral survey. It found that for every 1 AsAm who chose to OPPOSE, 52 AsAms chose to be FOR a race-neutral college admission policy.
            You be the judge: Which Organization Is Wrong or Lying!
   80-20 kept a record of the 57,000+ survey participants. The records below show their names/cities/states/zip codes and their respective choices -- "for" or "Against" a race neutral admission policy. See below:
   AALDEF backed its claim by citing two exit polls with unknown participants. Their sample sizes are estimated by 80-20 to be less than 250 each. It falsely claimed that support for affirmative action is equivalent to support for race-conscious admission, which is actually an ANTI-affirmative Act. Race-conscious admission has resulted in requiring AsAm students to score 140 SAT pts. higher than white students in order to have equal chance to enter elite colleges.
   Margaret Fung has the right to say that she supports such a policy. However, does she have the right to claim that a majority of our community agrees with her?
   This Dispute, Affecting Fate of AsAm Students, Can Be EASILY Settled!
   80-20 CHALLENGES AALDEF to do a survey of all Asian Americans together.
     We'll each pay half the cost for an AsAm survey specifically on college admissions. The survey will be designed by mutually agreed upon professionals, monitored by neutral third parties, and open to all AsAms.
   As of today, AALDEF has NOT responded!
   Is AALDEF a responsible organization? Since it claims it speaks for Asian Ams, it has the responsibility to verify its claim in order not to wrong AsAm college students.
   What if AALDEF's major funding sources find out that it makes IRRESPONSIBLE claims and accusations? Will they continue to fund AALDEF?

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
80-20 national Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.

*To see AALDEF's press release whose title is "The Majority of Asian Americans Support Race-Conscious Admissions Policies." Click on http://aaldef.org/press-releases/press-release/the-majority-of-asian-americans-support-race-conscious-admissions-policies.html