Monday, July 23, 2012

4 Reasons 80-20 EF Is Against Race-conscious Admission

   80-20 EF has 4 MAJOR REASONS to OPPOSE race-conscious college admission. The reasons are all objective, factual and revealed AFTER the Supreme Court's last decision on college admission.
   You need to know these reasons to decide whether you want to act strongly to persuade those Asian Am orgs. which SUPPORT race-conscious admission. Unless you do more, they will file to support such admission claiming to represent the Asian Am community, thereby weakening 80-20's amicus brief. Our children may not win equal opportunity for another decade & more owing to the negative power of these orgs.

   80-20's 4 reasons are:

(1) Race Conscious Admission Is "Counterproductive"
   A 2005 report by a UCLA law professor revealed "Academic Mismatch." A subsequent 2011 statistical study by two Duke Univ. profs & a graduate student suggests that the result of such admission "is counterproductive" to black and HIspanics students In STEM fields and law schools.
   Reason? Professors teach to the medium level students. When students admitted under strong racial preference can't keep up in tough courses, they switch out of their chosen majors by a hugely disproportional %.

(2) Race Conscious Admission Discriminates Against AsAms
   A 2009 statistical study by Princeton sociologist Thoma Espenshade finds:
      "Asian Americans need to score 140 points more than whites,
      270 more than Hispanics and 450 more than African Ams
      on the math and reading sections of the SAT to be equally
      competitive in private college admissions."
   Why? Why are Asian Americans required to score higher than whites in an affirmative action program? Asian Ams have been on the receiving end of "historic wrongs," probably more so than the Hispanics!

(3) The New Supreme Court May Knock Down Race Conscious Admission
   A 5 to 4 vote decided the Michigan case, with O'Connor voting for the race-conscious admission. O'Connor has been replaced by Alito who is against a race-conscious admission.

(4) 98% of the Asian Ams Support a Race NEUTRAL Policy
   An open and neutral survey earlier this year, participated by 47,000+ Asian Ams, showed an overwhelming desire of our community to stop this outrageous discrimination against us.

   The two major AsAm orgs. which support race conscious admission are:
1) AALDEF, whose Exec. Director is Margarent Fung ( ), &
2) APACL, whose president is Stewart Kwoh ( 5355 ).

   NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! Seize the moment or WAIT another decade or more.

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation