Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More media attention on YOUR legal brief

   (1) Another very positive media coverage about YOUR BRIEF:
The New Jews
They're Asian Americans.
JUN 11, 2012, VOL. 17, NO. 37 • BY ETHAN EPSTEIN
" . . Asian Americans . . .'ve become the "new Jews"—a group considered to be "overrepresented" in elite academia. . . . "
"To supporters of affirmative action, the practice has two major benefits— one positive and one punitive. For one, they say that it's a necessary corrective to grave historical injustices. Two—and this they don't often say out loud—affirmative action punishes those who are perceived to have benefited from (or even personally perpetrated) the politics of racial supremacy."
"But in both cases—even if one accepts those justifications—discriminating against Asians is indefensible. Indeed, it can be reasonably argued that
Asian Americans have endured more discrimination than American Hispanics, who benefit from affirmative action as it is currently executed. And Asian Americans can hardly be accused of oppressing other racial groups en masse. As S. B. Woo, former lieutenant governor of Delaware and current director of the Asian-American advocacy organization the 80-20 Initiative, says, "there is no historical rationale that justifies forcing Asian Americans to bear the burden of preference, more than other Americans." Indeed, given the historical injustices suffered by Americans of Asian descent—Japanese internment, the Chinese Exclusion Act—in an honest affirmative action regime, they would stand to benefit. . . ."
" . . Consequently, racial preferences in college admissions could be banned altogether—a real possibility, given the Court's relatively conservative bent. . . ."
   (2) Why so much media attention on YOUR brief*? Go read it yourself, and you'll find out why!
   "Argument II", "The Pretests Employed To Limit Asian Am. School Enrollment Are Indistinguishable From Those Utilized to Impose Quotas Against Jews Throughout Much of the Past Century" is a must read. It starts at page 20. Read it. You'll appreciate why so many reporters in higher ed. publications think that YOUR BRIEF may just make a difference in this Supreme Court case.
   Please forward it to Asian Ams who are still unconscionably supporting "race-conscious" admission.
   Dr. Lee C. Cheng, president of AALF based in SF, filed the other Asian Am brief supporting Fisher. Here is a memorable statement that educated me.
     "Ultimately, as members of a group who will almost certainly never be able to easily blend into this society, the sole protection that we and our descendants will have is rigidly enforced racial neutrality under the law."

   Need I say more? FORWARD YOUR BRIEF to others.

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S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Nat'l Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.

* 80-20 once again thanks our great lawyer Alan Gura & our friend Ken Marcus, Pres. of Brandeis Center for Human Rights, which co-filed the legal brief with 80-20. We also thank the 3 Indian Am nat'l orgs which co-filed as partners, without administrative responsibilities.