Monday, June 11, 2012

80-20 making a difference for YOU & USA

  80-20 is waging 2 fights on YOUR behalf -- in the Supreme Court and the court of public opinion.
   Last week, you learned from here that mainstream & ethnic media focused keen attention on 80-20's amicus brief to the Supreme Court --  opposing "race-conscious" college admission policy. I entitled that e-newsletter "America Listening . . . "
   Since then more media attention* came, and they got even more positive! For YOU to sense how that battle is going, please read:
              Affirmative Action Starts to Unravel
                 By John S. Rosenberg, June 7, 2012
   This article's 4th, 5th and 6th paragraphs state:
"Fifteen amicus briefs here support Abigail Fisher's claim that Texas's racial preference policy is unconstitutional, and the two of them that have generated the most attention in the past few days were filed on behalf of Asian-American groups likening their treatment under affirmative action to the early 20th Century Jewish quotas in the Ivy League."
   "Both of those briefs cite Daniel Golden, who argued . . . that 'Asian-Americans are the new Jews, inheriting the mantle of the most disenfranchised group in college admissions.' As Peter Schmidt (of Chronicle of Higher Education) pointed out the briefs filed by Asian-American organizations opposing affirmative action represent "a marked departure from the position most other Asian-American groups have taken on the issue."
         "Jews Standing with Goliath Against David?
Indeed, reflecting both the "new Jew" identity and the break from the traditional Asian-American position, . . . 80-20 organization . . . has written . . . that "We are in an uphill battle like David v. Goliath, only with a twist: Imagine some Jews block David's path, arguing that Goliath may well be their best friend. Furthermore, they contend they represent all Jews. Can David still win?"
   This article's last sentence states:
"The Asian briefs criticizing affirmative action . . . may well indicate that the days of the "diversity" defense of discrimination are numbered."
                     ARE YOU PROUD?
   When have you seen mainstream media citing Asian Ams' impact in a major national issue?
       Names of "Asian Am" organizations supporting "race-conscious" college admission
o The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) 

   (Margaret Fung ) 

o Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) 

   (Stewart Kwoh, ) 

o Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)
o Asian Am. Institute (AAI)
o Asian American Justice Center (AAJC)
o Asian Law Caucus (ALC)
   Everyone knows that affirmative action (AA) was for helping minorities who were wronged historically. Asian Ams were on the receiving end of the historic wrongs. So why do Asian Am student have to score 140 SAT pts ABOVE whites in order to have an equal chance to enter elite colleges, under the current admission polcy? Many whites think it is wrong. Yet, the above AsAm orgs. support that particular part of AA that not only works grossly against AsAms but is also completely contradictory to the original intent of the affirmative action!
   Tell each of these orgs that you'll HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.
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S.B. Woo, President
80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation

* Another article: "The New Jews - They're Asian Americans"; Jun11, 2012, Weekly Standard. VOL 17, No 37; by Ethan Epstein