Monday, October 20, 2008

Feedback on "Am. CEOs always knew"

This piece contains more than feedback to "Am. CEOs always knew it is unfair to YOU." It also discusses how the prejudices against us are to be removed. Best, it contains the timed-tested Am. solution to combat discrimination -- through the political process.

See the end of this page for the Obama's commitment to us which 80-20 fought so long and hard to obtain for YOU.

1) I greatly appreciate the work of 80-20. I have tasted the dirty water of discrimination and unequal opportunity. H.D.

2) You have a good point and we should fight for the fundamental right of equal opportunity. Bin Ke

3) This is really the most important issue facing the Asian-Americans in this country. Before we cast our votes in this Presidential election, we should at least, get a hint from the two candidates of where they stand on this issue. Our future hinges on their acknowledgement of That would be at least a beginning. S. Cheng

[An answer pointing to the solution]
Obama gave an unequivocal commitment and McCain refused after repeated requests/pleas. In approaching Sen McCain, 80-20 worked his fellow statesman in the Republican Party (Sen. Dan Evans and Cong. Mike Castle) and Asian Americans who have raised big bucks for McCain. But alas, Sen. McCain steadily refused. See Obama's commitment at the bottom of this email.

4) Thank you very, very much for the informative and interesting data. Ping K. Tse

5) You are absolutely right. If we don't take action the ceiling will never break even when there is an existing law that is supposed to break the ceiling for ALL of us. Helen Yu

6) I was very surprised to find that many Chinese Americans knew so little of the Chinese Exclusion Act! Please, if they are Chinese Americans, or Chinese living in this great country of ours, ask them to read it! They can go online to read if they cannot go to the library! Do you agree that America is getting better? No more lynching or ? What do you think? pc (Answer: Getting better and needing more.)

7) Thank you, thank you for doing this. Alice (An elected official in CA)

8) I totally agree with what you said. I have personally experienced it myself, first in private industry, then in the federal government, and then as a CEO of my own company, rubbing shoulders with other CEOs. I am retired now, and still keep busy with the community at. It is not that we are not aware of the statistics, but what are we going to do about it?

I may be biased, but from my own observation and personal experience, most first generation Chinese Americans do not know how to express ourselves effectively, do not speak English fluently, and do not articulate our points of view convincingly. I consider myself part of the first generation Chinese Americans. Maybe it is culture. Maybe it is lack of training. Maybe it is national characteristic. On top of that, we have professionals and academia coming from China and settling in the US on a continual basis. Most of their English language speaking and writing ability definitely needs improvement. Most of them do not socialize with and be part of the mainstream society. No wonder we are always considered as foreigners.

To take a positive step, I suggest that 80-20 and OCA organize some massive training opportunities and round-table discussions and encourage Chinese Americans' participation. We also need to nurture and encourage the younger generation, especially the ABCs, to excel in this area. They are the future of the Chinese American community. Harold xx

[Answer to Harold suggesting the only real solution]
I agree with you in terms of some of the "weaknesses of first generation Asian Ams," but respectfully disagree with you in term of a cure.

The blacks, the women, the hispanics and even earlier generations of European immigrants had social and language difficulties too. Such weakness, are easier to overcome than getting a Ph. D. which many Asian Am. are apparently good at. Such weaknesses could be overcome, when the folks know that they have a chance to rise to the managerial levels.

The only real solution is to win our equal opportunity through the political process, as Irish, Polish, Italians and Jewish did.

Will the affirmative program damage the quality of the management? Certainly not. Look how well managed are such companies like the Formosa Plastic (USA), Honda (USA) and Bank of Tokyo (USA). To be good managers, it take s a combination of communicative skills, analytic ability, work ethnics and business trainings, .., etc. Communication skill is NOT the only requirement.

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Warmest regards,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

Click HERE to view an Iron-clad commitment by Sen. Obama to help us win equal opportunity.