Monday, February 15, 2021

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80-20 has NEVER done this before

     Parts of last week's e-newsletter is added, reshuffled and presented again, because the most worthy info you meed to know depends on your clicking on a couple of links. However, only 5% of the readership did. Therefore, we are sending you directly the critical info in today's e-newsletter.   Politics, like everything else, needs to be studied & learned!

Parts of "Why Are the Jewish So Powerful In Politics?"

          Immigrants from Asia intuitively believe that running for political offices & helping political candidates are the only ways to achieve political influence in order to protect themelves.  NO, no, no!  In the US, REAL political INFLUENCE comes from well-organized NGOs (non-government organizations) like AIPAC (Am. Israel Public Affairs Comm) or NRA (Nat'l Rifle Association). One day, 80-20 may join that rank. 

        The following illustrates AIPAC's political clout. AIPAC is known to have targeted and defeated many well-known elected officials. (We ADDED the following, because YOU need to know!!)

      “Among politicians considered unfriendly to Israel who AIPAC has helped 
       defeat include Cynthia McKinneyPaul FindleyEarl F. HilliardPete McCloskey
       Senators William Fulbright and Roger Jepsen, and Adlai Stevenson III in 
       his campaign for governor of Illinois in 1982. The defeat of Charles H. Percy
       Senator for Illinois until 1985, has been attributed to AIPAC-co-ordinated 
        donations to his opponent after he supported the sale of AWACS planes
        to Saudi Arabia.”

TO VERIFY the above, click here & look for Sec. 3.2 under "Targeting".

          AIPAC is feared (see 2nd paragraph.). A lot of elected officials started to exercise SELF-RESTRAINT when it came to issues pushed by AIPAC. Some would even jump on AIPAC's bandwagon to hitch a ride.

          The above is why the Jewish community is so politically powerful - it has AIPAC! Of course, having the many elected Jewish officials is also important. AIPAC and the elected Jewish officials help and complement each other.

          Compare the actions of AIPAC to that of 80-20!  Think about issues like (1) defeating CA’s Prop. 16; (2) putting pressure on Sen. Blackburn to withdraw & apologize for her outrageous tweet; (3) fighting against Harvard’s discrimination against AsAm applicants; & (4) convincing Pres. Obama to appoint more AsAm federal judges. Which is more effective? The elected AsAm official? The appointed AsAm officials? Or the 80-20 Initiative?  

          There are TWO BIG differences between AIPAC & 80-20 initiative.
(1) 80-20 focuses on US domestic policies only.  Its mission is to win equal opportunity and justice for AsAms, and 
(2) 80-20’s annual budget is NOT even 1/350th that of the AIPAC.

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization.
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledges all donors including
Dominic Ng*, Los Angeles, CA:                                   $25,000
East West Bank Foundation, Los Angeles, CA          $25,000

*Dominic Ng is the Chairman, President and CEO of East West Bank in California. East West Bank is a full-service commercial bank with total assets of $52.2 billion as of December 31, 2020. It has branches in120 location world-wide. Forbes magazine has named East West Bank among the top 15 of "America's 100 Best Banks" since 2010. Wealthy AsAm individuals have NOT really been involved with our community's activities in the past. We are so excited that Dominic is setting a precedent.