Monday, November 16, 2020

Saving 80-20 to begin catching up!


Are We That Much Worse Than Jewish Ams?
     AsAms have always admired the Jewish political clout.  However, do we have the heart to earn that level of clout?

     There are ONLY 7 million Jews in America.   Even the smallest of its “big
5“ community orgs, Simon Wiesenthal Center, has an annual budget of $26.2M.  The other four, ordered by the size of their annual budget, are American Jewish Committee ($46.2M), Jewish Federations of North America ($49.2M), American Israel Public Affairs Comm. ($69.3M), and Anti-Defamation League ($70.8M).

     In comparison, 80-20’s annual budget is $0.25 M, serving a community of 16 million AsAms.  In-spite-of such a shoe-string budget, our service to YOU is SECOND TO NONE! Check it out by clicking on "2 Victories plus Very Sad News".

     Is our community poor?  Not financially!   AsAms rank first in per capita and per family income nationally.  Neither are we poor educationally! AsAms lead the nation in degree-holders per 10,000 persons in Bachelors, Masters, PH Ds. and all professional degrees.

     However, we must be POOR in something.  Are we, as a whole, poor in community spirit, in political maturity, and in hearts?   You be the judge!

     AsAms are the new Jews, even when US-China relations were quite good.  On our watch, our kids face the tallest barrier in college admissions while our adults face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces.   With the US and China in a cold war, could we eventually face the fate of Japanese Americans and Jews during WWII?  Does our community, particularly the Chinese-Am. community, have a sense of imminent crisis?

     Do we have a great AsAm organization to systemically drive out our financial and human resources to protect us and make us EQUAL citizens of our nation?  We do not!

80-20 Shall Die, Unless We ALL Redouble Our Effort

    In an honest self-analysis, our Board members came unanimously to a very sad conclusion.   That is, unless 80-20 can greatly expand its financial and human resourcesIT SHALL SLOWLY DIE when the old war horses like Alice Huang, Henry Lee and S. B. Woo will fade away. Our younger colleagues like Wei-jing Zhu, Jing-Li Yu and Elaine Su, with full-time jobs and duties, are not yet ready to carry the torch fully.  80-20 shall slowly burn through its current assets of about $4 million, and SLOWLY DIE

     Out of abundance of devotion to serve you, 80-20 respectfully submits this RESCUE PLAN.   

     [A] 80-20 shall start the second phase of Self Empowerment Longterm Fund, SELF II, for 80-20 Educational Foundation, a tax-free org. We aim to raise $1 million per year for 5 years. 

     [B] 80-20 will also beg the super-rich of our community to give us bequests in millions of dollars.   Charity starts at home.   Be the first AsAm to donate 
more than $3 million to an AsAm org.! 

     With your help, 80-20 will likely have assets of $10 million by 2025 - a solid AsAm institution in the making!!! It'll have professional staff members paid at market value. The staff shall be supervised by a Board composed of our community's most respected citizens from various AsAm ethnic components who are selfless and have political know-how. For out children's sake, we aim to catch up with Jewish Americans one step at time and against stiff odds.

      Click here to be the first to pledge to SELF II. 

       Forward this e-newsletter to individuals who may have the ability to RESCUE 80-20 but who are thus far not involved with 80-20.   

       As you may know 80-20 Board Members have NEVER asked you to sacrifice without making the same sacrifice ourselves.  Here are our pledges towards SELF II:
           Alice Huang:    $10,000/yr for 5 years, 
               Henry Lee:      $ 1,000/yr for 5 years,
               Elaine Su:       $  1,400/yr for 5 years,
               S. B. Woo        $10,000/yr for 5 years, 
               Jing-Li Yu.       $   2,000/yr for 5 years, and 
               Wei-jing Zhu    $10,000/yr for 5 years.
The above sums to $172,000 over 5 years from the 6 of us.

     We may be facing imminent crisis. We are by far the weakest of minorities and in the most dangerous political spot. Donate to save 80-20 and start catching up with the Jewish Ams for our children’s sake, TODAY!

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Asian American Empowerment PAC,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

Grateful Acknowledgement: More than $6,000 was donated to Empowerment
PAC las week. We thank all donors including $1,000 each from Wentien Chen,
Stoneybrook, NY and Xin Liu, and $500 from Zhibin Yu, Tallahassee, FL.