Friday, March 20, 2020

A comprehensive table about symptoms of COVID-19

Very comprehensive description of COVID-19 symptoms

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     The following is from CDC, Center of Disease Control.  It compiles the description of symptoms of COVID-19 provided by China, U.S.A. and UK.  The table uses the exact words used by CDC and provides a comprehensive description of symptoms of COVID-19 disease.  80-20 simply made CDC's info. easier for you to absorb.

      What are the common symptoms of COVID-19 disease?

                Allergy symptoms that differ from COVID-19?   
            (Note: Symptoms may vary from person to person. 

     As spring is starting in the Northern Hemisphere many people will develop allergies. How do you know if your symptoms are those of an allergy or something else? 

1.   Itchy eyes
2.   Stuffy nose. (Please also note item 5 in the CDC of China's 
    column.  It could mean that having stuffy nose doesn't
    necessarily mean that one has been infected. However, those 
    who have been infected may also have nasal congestion owing 
    to COVID-19.)
3.   Sneezing

     Please wash hands often & take great care of yourself.

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